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1 In 3 Customers Trust Friends Over Google

Monday, August 8th, 2016
Agreement UCI Digital

A study from Sprout Social found that one in three customers now turn to social media first as their initial point of contact with a company. It’s about creating a relationship with your customer base. Companies must now maintain an even more diverse range of customer service personnel to manage these various points of access.

Social media makes it easier for customers to praise or complain

Social media was once a one-way street. Companies would use it as a vehicle to send customers promotions. Now, customers are using social media messaging as a way to complain about an issue or praise a business. This trend appears poised to increase in the next few years.

Unfortunately, the average response for a customer complaint was 11 hours. This is contrary to the customer expectation of a response within one to four hours. This long-delayed wait can seriously damage companies that are not properly harnessing and managing their social media profile.

Part of the issue is that social media still remains primarily a marketing issue, while customer complaints can range from sales and returns to product use. Many marketing teams will lack the knowledge and capacity to answer these questions.

Adding “suggested replies” to your company profile

Experts suggest that companies add in a “suggested replies” section to address the most common customer issues and complaints. The goal isn’t to add barriers between companies and customers, but to introduce some efficiency to ensure that social media managers are not overwhelmed. Suggested replies are also a way to address customer concerns while informing them of any limitations of the company to respond.

It is imperative that if your company is becoming inundated with questions and issues from social media accounts that you quickly and efficiently respond to them. Nothing sinks a brand faster than a poor reputation that is worsened by poor social media presence.

Does your business need a better social media presence?

Social media companies continue to both grow the size of the marketing industry and consume a larger and larger share. Just about every major company has, or should have, a variety of social media accounts to connect with their customers.

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