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10 Effective Instagram Ads Of 2021

Wednesday, October 6th, 2021

This article was written by Victoria Pickard.

Instagram ads can be difficult in today’s market. It’s important that you create something that stands out from the others. Here is a list of the top 10 Instagram ads of 2021 that we feel were the most effective. Which one do you like best?


febreze ad

This ad shows a great example of the actual product in a way that they want it to be seen by consumers. The products are “floating” on the background, which plays into the fact that there are no heavy perfumes in the products.

Adobe Creative Cloud

adobe ad

The Adobe Creative Cloud software is used by those who are, you know, creative. This ad perfectly captures the potential you could have with the software. It shows a unique and dynamic design with bold colors to capture your attention.

The Dots

the dots ad

The Dots ad is a perfect example of a simple yet eye-catching graphic. It incorporates bright colors as well as an in-image proposition. While they are using a stock photo, it’s important to remember that if you choose to go this route, make sure that the stock photo is a less popular image. This ad also showcases the perfect CTA that they want their viewers to use.


elementor ad

This ad incorporates contrast colors that are appealing to the viewers. It also uses clear copy and a CTA that directly states the step that a viewer would take to learn more about what the ad is offering. While the ad does have some “mystery” to it, it is still clear what they want their readers to do.


fab fit fun ad


We all love a good subscription box, right? This ad gives customers the idea of what they would be receiving when they make their purchase. The ad also offers a freebie (who can pass that up?) and a good deal. They also perfectly timed this campaign to go along with Women’s history month by showing their support for women-owned companies.


content fly ad

This ad is just another example of how important it is to create an eye-catching graphic. ContentFly incorporates the use of bright and bold colors to draw in their customers. They also use value-focused copy explaining exactly what they have to offer.


moo ad

This ad allows for the product to speak for itself. They’ve created a simple, minimalist design in a carousel ad to be able to showcase the different colorways of each product. The caption also allows for the reader to be able to learn more about the product itself.


sonos ad

The Sonos ad perfectly displays the product as well as using different shades of purple to create a consistent graphic and help the product stand out. The in-image copy also uses repetition to clearly state what the product is.


calm ad

Ads by the brand Calm typically create ads to help you better understand exactly what their product is. In this case, they perfectly showcase their product in action. The copy that they use is designed to speak directly to the viewer and offers a solution for them: download the appl

Hello Fresh

hello fresh ad

By this point, I’m pretty sure that we have all seen an ad by Hello Fresh somewhere. This specific ad displays their product and also offers a limited-time offer. This is a great way to encourage the viewer to quickly make a decision on whether they want to purchase this product.

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