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3 Ways Online Marketing Has Changed Traditional Marketing

Thursday, April 28th, 2016
Online Marketing UCI Digital

Marketing professionals are dealing with major changes in technology used for communicating with potential customers. These changes are rapidly occurring as platforms like Google, Facebook and others continue to innovate and update. These changes can make marketing professionals feel like what they have just learned to manage has been invalidated. Marketing professionals need to remember that online marketing is always providing new ways to reach a broader audience. The following information outlines how digital changes are shaping the future of marketing.

No more cold calling

It is hard to build a qualified prospect list. Often, marketing professionals spend a lot of time cold calling in order to acquire new prospects. Now, professional social media sites, like LinkedIn and Facebook, make it easier to engage with future prospects. These sites help professionals stay connected and build trust with consumers. Marketing professionals can use these social media platforms to identify and build relationships.

No more audience research

Running a print campaign is an expensive investment. This is why marketers used to hold focus groups and audience research to test messages before launching an ad campaign. In the digital age, the task of researching an audience is easier and it actually goes right along with the ads themselves. Pay-per-click online ads have tracking that enables you to see which ads perform best. You can monitor this campaign daily, making it simple to figure out which messages need to be tweaked.

The goal of both print and broadcast advertising is to reach the most consumers in your market for the least amount of cost. Between social media, local searches and big data, you can target your audience with micro-campaigns. Online marketing allows you to affordably work on planning and metrics, all the while being able to target segments of your audience.

No more extensive trade show preparation

A small company’s most costly marketing expense is often the trade show. In the past, preparing for the event was quite extensive. You may have had to send out flyers, free tickets or get a spokesperson onto a conference panel. After the show, you may have had a sales manager hand out leads for the sales people to follow up.

Marketing can now support trade shows online before, during and after the show. Social media can help alert prospects that you will be at the event. Marketing professionals can also use real-time social media channels like Instagram or Facebook while on the show floor to build buzz. Having a computer available so trade show visitors can like your pages or sign up for blogs on the spot, will also expand your leads. Marketers can even reach out again after the show via social media and content marketing.

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