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3 Ways Your Business Will Benefit From Responsive Web Design

Friday, April 15th, 2016

Smartphone users will abandon your website altogether if they cannot find what they are looking for easily. Potential customers will search for a more user-friendly site that allows them to purchase with ease from the convenience of the phone or tablet at their fingertips. Responsive web design is the key to retaining as many clients and customers as possible.

Responsive design technology uses media queries to find the resolution of the device from which the website is being viewed. Once the technology determines this, flexible images and a fluid grid will size correctly to fit the user’s screen. There are several benefits to implementing responsive web design including increased mobile traffic, extra features, and effortless website management.

Increased mobile traffic

A huge amount of global web traffic comes from mobile devices and the number of mobile users is growing every day. To accommodate this surge in mobile use, you should use responsive web design to ensure each of your prospective customers has a great mobile experience. If you fail to enhance a customer’s mobile experience, you might lose them permanently. The demand for responsive web design will continue to increase as more consumers visit websites through their mobile devices.

Responsive web design ensures that your content is shown consistently across every type of mobile device. Also, the layout of your website will look the same. This saves you the time it would take to create separate mobile sites to accommodate different resolutions on various devices. Responsive web design will allow your users to comfortably view your content, browse pages and click on certain components with ease.

Extra features

Responsive web design will allow you to add an array of features to create a seamless shopping or browsing experience for your customers. You may choose to showcase your address and phone number when potential clients and customers search for you via their mobile device. Also, you can allow customers to call you directly by tapping on your displayed number.

Effortless website management

Managing your website with responsive web design is easy. Without this design, you would have to constantly update your mobile site to match the changes on your desktop website.

In the mobile-friendly world of today, responsive web design is a crucial tool. By implementing this tool, you can accommodate the rising amount of mobile customers, deliver a consistent mobile experience for every user and obtain a competitive edge.

Does your business need a responsive web design?

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