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3 Ways Your Online Image Affects How Customers See You

Friday, July 9th, 2021
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This article was written by Victoria Pickard.

Performing Google searches can give you a lot of information- including facts about yourself and your online business. The results of these searches change continuously and you have to stay in charge of ranking to keep your name at the top. Your ranking is crucial as it shows you are an expert in your industry. If your name is connected to your brand, you want to be sure it appears and stays at the top of search results.

Your ranking on Google will give you control over how others see you online. This ranking (along with online images, review sites, and social media) will determine others’ images of you and your business. The following is a breakdown of how others see you online through searches and from other sources.

Reviews influence decisions

Your current and potential customers can see Google review results as well as other review sources for your brand. Consumers follow online reviews more than 75% of the time, along with personal recommendations.

The nature of reviews appearing online for your brand will determine the number of purchases you receive. Studies show more than 80% of consumers base their purchases on reviews found online. If you need more reviews, it can help to politely ask customers to leave good reviews if they were happy with their experience.

People find you on Google and other search engines

Reports show that of those who perform a Google search for a name or brand, just a little more than 30% of them choose the first item on results. Also, more than 60% of internet users perform a search and believe the results. This is why your site’s ranking plays such an important role in your marketing and overall online image. If you do not rank well, people will not be able to find you.

Your social media represents your company

If harassment is going to occur online, the majority of it will be done through social media sites. Remember, whatever you post online- will stay out there. A lot of recruiters and hiring managers have refused candidates based on the online content found on an individual. You want to ensure your content is always favorable, positive, and truthful as it will stay attached to you and your brand.

Keeping these facts in mind, take the time to Google yourself and see what results are available. UCI Digital in Amarillo, Texas can help you establish a top-ranking and help you ensure your brand is being seen as it deserves.

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