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4 Detailed Tips For Creating A Mobile Website Design

Wednesday, June 12th, 2019
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There are many reasons why having a website design that is optimized for mobile is important. These include usability and meeting search engine standards. No matter the reason, you should have an updated, mobile-friendly website. Here are some tips you can use to create and implement your mobile site design.

What exactly is a website designed for mobile?

Search engines, especially Google, focus on mobile first. You have a couple of options for designing your mobile website.

  1. You can use a basic, mobile-friendly design that looks the same across every device. Some images, videos, and text will be too small to read, though.
  2. Design a responsive site that changes to fit each device. Every element is designed for desktop AND mobile.

If you have a large, modern website that you update frequently, a responsive site is best. If you must use a basic version of your website for mobile, make sure all important elements are visible.

Pay attention to the overall design

When a user loads your website on their phone or tablet, they expect to have a smooth experience. They should not have to wait for long periods to find what they are looking for. If the design of your site is clunky, does not load quickly, or does not offer simple menus, visitors will leave.

Many people will start their journey across your site on the homepage. You should make sure that you at least link to the most important information near the top of this page. Other pages should be accessible from a menu that is easy to find. Do not overload the menu with options, though.

Always remember that the space on every page is limited and that most people visiting your site have a goal. Their attention span will typically be limited, so simplifying your mobile website design is important for user-friendly navigation.

The user’s experience should be your main focus

It is vital to meet search engine standards so your website can be found. But, you should also focus on the user. This means many things, including the following.

  • Make sure your website clearly provides all of your information, including products, services, phone numbers, staff information, and images.
  • Each element and page should be visible or accessible within one or three clicks.
  • Any menus you have should be easily visible. Users should not have to dig to navigate through your website.
  • Your website should stand out. Include fun elements and plenty of images and videos. Be sure not to have too many, though, because they can make your site slow.
  • Buttons and links need to be large enough to click with any finger. Also, links should have something to show that they have been clicked, like a line underneath or a color changing feature.
  • Wherever you have a phone number, make sure it is clickable.
  • If your website has a search feature, be sure it is large enough to use. Also, include ways to narrow down a search, especially if you sell products.

Don’t forget to optimize content for mobile

The content on your website is probably easy to read on a desktop, but it will change on a mobile device. For a responsive site, this means that images, text, videos, and banners will become smaller. Sometimes, you will need to rearrange elements so that they don’t look broken.

You might need to make some images smaller, create text columns, or take some content out. Just be sure that if you remove anything that it is not too important. For tablets, this should not be an issue because the screen size is similar to that of a laptop computer.

Optimize your web design for speed

Speed is an important ranking factor for both mobile and desktop versions of a website. If you have a responsive design, you should make sure your site’s speed is fast. You can do this by optimizing some of the elements. Start with compressing the size of all images and videos, as well as cleaning up and organizing the code.

Need help with your mobile website design?

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