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4 Effective Tips To Get The Most Out Of Landing Pages

Monday, June 6th, 2016
UCI Digital web design and development tips

The ultimate goal in any marketing campaign is to get your visitor, lead or customer to take the next step. Maybe it is purchasing a product or service; maybe it is signing up to your email list or liking your Facebook page. Regardless of the goal, you want them to take it. The often under-appreciated and under-utilized landing page is one of your cheapest and best tools to get your viewer to take that next step.

Landing page is a generic term. It can do just about anything you need. The best approach is to use specialized pages depending on your goal. The key is to understand what you want the customer to do then build a landing page around that goal.

Add these four elements to a “Coming Soon” landing page

Your advertising campaign should start months before your product launches. If you wait until after the product launch, then you are spending the next few months trying to generate sales. However, you can’t advertise a product and then direct your visitors to a blank sales page. The “Coming Soon” landing page is an increasingly popular tool to get early adopters excited about a product. Be sure to add these four elements to your “Coming Soon” landing page:

  1. Make it clear that the product isn’t ready, include a launch date or time-frame. If you can be specific, great, but be careful. Missed deadlines undermine customer confidence in your company. If you can’t get too specific, then narrow it down to a season and year, like “Summer of 2017.”
  2. Discuss the page itself. Make it clear that you are developing an actual product or service. Don’t be vague, let the audience know what you are doing.
  3. Include a few lines about the product. What will it do? How is it helpful? Why do they need it? Visitors need to know if your product will apply to them.
  4. Include an “opt-in” feature. Most companies will use an email subscription list, but you can link the landing page to your social media accounts and blog. Give your potential customers the ability to find out when your product will be ready.

Use high-quality videos as a focal point on your landing page

Videos are a great tool to explain complex products or services without getting too wordy. The video needs to be high-quality and engaging. Videos are best used as the focal point of your landing page. It should be prominently featured while any additional text may act as an outline of the points in the video.

People are accustomed to high-quality. Unless you are an expert videographer, you will probably need professional help. The absolute worst sales pitch is a blurry, unclear video that is full of background noise.

The key to creating an engaging video is the story. You need a narrative that both illustrates why your product is worth their time and explains how it works.

Create a “Sales Funnel” landing page for new customers

New customers or “cold traffic” are people that come to your website knowing nothing about your company or your products. Do not try to sell these customers anything. You want to focus on building a relationship first. Instead, direct them to a “Sales Funnel” landing page. This page will convince customers to sign up for your email list or like/follow you on social media. Most importantly, this page will never mention sales.

Generate landing pages that solve problems

Never forget that your product should solve a problem. Your entire marketing campaign should revolve around that solution. Keep it simple, like “Affordable Marketing Services” and prominently display it on your landing page.

Need help creating effective landing pages for your website?

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