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4 Web Design Tips And Tricks You Should Know Now

Thursday, April 4th, 2019
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A website can be a challenge to design. Many people do not understand what their website’s role is and that it is often the first image of their business that their customers experience. Your website is not the only way people can discover your business, but it’s a way for them to interact with you quickly.

You need to create a website that not only looks good but features a design focusing on your products or services. These are a few tips and tricks to follow so you can create that perfect website for your business and your customers.

1. De-clutter your homepage

Your homepage is the main landing page where potential customers search for your product or service. This page is where you want to catch their attention and encourage them to continue looking through your site. Less is more on your homepage. Don’t make people struggle through useless information or technical jargon. Limit the number of fonts, images, and text on this page so you maintain a consistent design.

2. Don’t use too many links

It is frustrating to surf the web for information and not be able to find a link. If your buttons and links are not appropriately placed, a potential customer will click away to something else. Having an organized navigation system on your website can help, but it should be organized logically.

When a potential customer decides they want more information, they need to find that information quickly. You don’t need movement, sound, or images in your navigation, but it does not have to be boring either. The links should be textual descriptions or images according to the theme of your site. Be sure to keep the links clear and to the point.

3. De-clutter your interface

Don’t overdo the creativity when coming up with the initial design because it can become excessive and cluttered. For example, some websites have a different design on each page. When a customer begins clicking through this type of website, it can become confusing.

Use a consistent, standard template for each page with links that connect to other important pages of your website. Keep your overall design simple, and you’ll find customers are able to navigate your site with less confusion and be able to see all you are offering.

4. Make your website readable

An important thing your website must have is readability. Your customers will not stay on a site that is hard to read. As a potential customer lands on your pages, they should be able to understand the content, products/services, and message you are sharing.

Watch the colors you use too, as some shades are hard on the eyes and make reading text difficult. A common mistake in web design is putting white text on black backgrounds. These words are hard on the eyes and could force a potential customer to click off your site quickly. The following are some other tips you should follow for optimum website design.

  • Try leaving space around elements you want to draw attention to on your website.
  • Don’t feel you have to use every inch of space to say what you want customers to know.
  • Remember to say what you want to with little clutter, color, and flash.
  • Load speed is just as important as content on a page. If you use too many elements, page speed becomes slow.
  • Think about how you like to view websites when designing your own.
  • Focus on providing the most important information first.
  • Always include contact information where it is easy to access.
  • If you need help with design, don’t be afraid to research companies that can assist you.

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