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5 Best Practices For Your Website’s Image Gallery

Friday, April 6th, 2018
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Images, graphics, and pictographs are the frontier of online web design and digital marketing. Images form connections with visitors to your site in a much more direct manner than text. However, you can’t just throw together a bunch of images on your banner or web page. You need to organize them into a useful gallery that pulls your audience in and guides them. Here are a few tips to create the experience that draws users into your story.

Choose high-quality images

You need to be very judicious in the images you select. Even if your website’s image gallery is stunning, with an intuitive layout and superb functionality – it counts for nothing if your pictures are boring or unoriginal. Take time to think about your online audience. The best galleries speak to your viewers. What drives them? Why do they come to your website over others? What do you offer that is unique? Find images that are visually striking, unique and relevant to your message and brand. Furthermore, if you work with a web design and marketing company, they can help bring your vision to life.

Find a layout that fits your brand

Choose a layout that incorporates your brand. Your “brand” is your style of business, product, and customer. Is your website professional and modern? If it is, you will need an image gallery that is rigid and formal. Is your brand youthful, friendly, and playful? Maybe you opt for a more interactive and colorful gallery. Experiment with a few different layouts and see what fits with your company’s message and brand.

Keep your gallery up-to-date

You can’t just create a website image gallery and stop updating it. Just like digital marketing, you need to continually update and tweak. Furthermore, it tells your clients that you like to keep things updated and fresh. You can use stock photos, but if you can, consider reaching out to your user community. Hold social media contests and ask your customers to submit images of them using your product. It is an excellent way to engage your customers and generate new website content at a fraction of the price.

Make sure your gallery is compatible

The quickest way to lose a customer is compatibility. You need to ensure that your website’s image gallery works across multiple devices and platforms. Always test your gallery to make sure that none of your potential customers are excluded.

Think about syncing social media accounts

Maintaining social media accounts is critical for any business. You need to try and create that engaged community that comes back to your content and products. However, maintaining a social media presence is also incredibly time-consuming. A good way to cut down on time is to sync your content across multiple platforms. Consider trying to sync your website’s image gallery to your business’s Facebook or Instagram account.

Not sure how your business is doing in the online realm?

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