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5 Dangerous Digital Marketing Myths That Could Doom Your Business

Monday, June 20th, 2016
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The internet was revolutionary because it allowed anyone with an idea and a computer to start a blog or website that could change the world. Even now, many small businesses do not take advantage of everything that the internet has to offer to boost their bottom line. This advantage could be in the form of a website, social media, email campaigns and more. However, before you start your digital marketing campaigns, be aware of these five dangerous myths that could doom your business.

Results should be instantaneous

Getting an instant result is a common myth that many small businesses subscribe to. Digital marketing takes time to develop relationships and connections with customers.

The advantage that digital marketing offers over traditional methods is that it is generally faster and can produce better analytics. More information allows you to emphasize techniques that work and ditch those that do not.

More traffic means more money

Traffic to your website is always good, but that does not mean it will generate more leads. For example, a viral video campaign featuring a dog doing something funny with a cake might generate thousands of views and push people to peruse your website. However, if the dog video has nothing to do with the heating and air services you provide throughout Texas, then it probably won’t result in more leads.

What you need instead are targeted audiences that come to your website for a specific purpose. Digital marketing can bring in those specific customers that need assistance with a problem that you can solve, rather than every possible person that may find your campaigns entertaining. Digital marketing can accomplish that by optimizing your campaigns to target specific audiences.

Digital marketing is reserved for big businesses

The internet was a revolutionary tool that gave everyone the power to become their own brand, writer and marketer. You shouldn’t feel intimidated by the big marketing budgets from large businesses. Small targeted campaigns can generate big boosts to your bottom line. This will give you the opportunity to work your charm and turn those first time customers into repeat, lifelong clients.

Don’t take this to mean that you can always keep your campaigns small. The bigger your budget, the bigger and more grand your campaign. However, small targeted campaigns can get you on the road to purchase those bigger more complex campaigns.

We must be on all the social media platforms!

Social media is just one part of your digital presence. The types of platforms you should be on depends upon the preferences of your clients. More likely than not, your specific client will use one or two social media accounts over others.

Everyone has a Facebook, so you should probably maintain a business Facebook page, but after that which do you choose? For example, the crowd that posts regularly to Pinterest probably isn’t an avid business blogger on LinkedIn. Twitter is generally followed by the technically savvy crowd. A digital marketing company can help you identify your audience so that you devote your time on the most efficient social media platforms.

Email marketing is just spam

Email marketing has a bad reputation. Most email marketing campaigns are associated with “spam” and other unwanted emails. Email, like any marketing campaign, can be abused. However, it is all in how you run the campaign.

Email marketing is consistently the most proven digital marketing strategy with the highest return on your investment. If you provide good content to your customers through your email campaigns and they trust you, that is a powerful tool in digital marketing.

Interested in digital marketing for your business?

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