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5 Unique Features A Custom Website Can Provide

Thursday, February 27th, 2020
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When you choose to work with a digital marketing company, you can see a number of benefits. From custom coding to social media management, every small, medium, and large business can have a strong online presence. Here are some unique features your website can have when you work with a professional digital company.

Consistent branding

This may not be a feature that comes to mind when you think of unique websites, but it is an essential component of standing out. Digital marketing companies that understand this can help their clients succeed online. If your company already has branding guidelines, a logo, and a standard look and feel, your website should reflect that. If you are new to your industry or area, you can consider having your marketing company help you start from scratch.

When one of our clients, Texas Panhandle Orthopedics, moved to Amarillo, a branding design was needed. We worked with them to develop branding guidelines, a new logo, print designs, and a marketing strategy. You can check out their full website here.

Texas Panhandle Orthopedics website from UCI Digital


Easy-to-use navigation

Another major feature of custom websites that set them apart from template sites is their navigational menus. Visitors need to be able to find what they are looking for fast. Having menus that allow them to do this will present a good image of your business. The same can be said about the content on your web pages. All images, text, and video should be clutter-free.

Another client we work with in the healthcare industry, Amarillo Family Physicians, provides their current and potential patients with a lot of helpful information. Their website must present this information in a clean, easy-to-navigate way. The site does this with a navigation menu that includes dropdowns. It also uses drop-down boxes for large chunks of information to stay organized on the services page.

Amarillo Family Physicians website by UCI Digital


Beautiful, fun design elements

Having a beautiful website is a must in many industries. Each element in the design should be clean, move the visitor’s eyes along the page smoothly, and grab attention if necessary. One of our restaurant industry clients, The Ruffled Cup, has a beautiful, custom-designed and developed website that meets these criteria.

Ruffled Cup Website homepage by UCI Digital


Fun, smaller elements within a beautiful design are also unique features to consider for your website. These can be anywhere on your website but should be balanced so as not to distract from important information. On websites for two of our local clients, The Plaza Restaurant and Pizza Planet, we added some of these fun features.



Professional features that are still unique

Some websites cannot have dancing nachos or cute rocket ships, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be unique. By adding small elements like custom icons, your website can be eye-catching and keep a corporate feel. We did this for a real estate client, Pat Davis Properties.

Pat Davis Properties icons by UCI Digital
Lady Bug Pest Control calendar by UCI Digital

Another interesting thing to include in a custom website is a useful feature. This could be anything from a custom-built form to a calendar. For Lady Bug Termite and Pest Services, we provided a custom calendar focused on the best times of the year for their services.


Custom videos

Videos are great for social media, advertising, and website use. Custom websites give you the option to put a video virtually anywhere. People love videos and love seeing creative ways to display them while browsing online. You can place a video somewhere on your homepage as we did for our client, Butterlove Biscuits, below.

You can also use videos at the top of your homepage for a visually striking experience too. We have done this for many of our clients, including Dyer’s BBQ.


It is best to have videos custom made by professionals if they are going on your website, especially if they are on the homepage. This page is where most visitors start browsing, so you want to get their attention and wow them with your offerings.


Tips for creating your custom website

After you have chosen to work with a web design and development company, there are still some steps to take. Besides discussing your digital marketing needs, you will need to remember the following.

  1. Your website will need to be responsive, which means it functions well on mobile devices. Some website elements on desktop will slow loading times on mobile. If you don’t need something, consider not including it at all.
  2. The company you work with should be focused on SEO as well as functionality and aesthetics. The way pages are titled and the content that is on those pages can and should be optimized for search engines. Unique, helpful content is just as important as a custom design feature.
  3. With that in mind, your SEO value and load times shouldn’t suffer for the sake of having a cool feature on your website.
  4. Don’t leave out the more traditional aspects of a website either. Some features are known to work well for websites. For example, a strong header should include contact information and your logo, but shouldn’t be busy with fancy features. Video testimonials, blog content, contact pages, and photo galleries are all great to have on your site.
  5. Custom websites often look amazing, but sometimes they include features that aren’t great. Your website should not have any music that plays automatically, for example.


Website design and development in Amarillo, Texas

If you are looking for web design and Development for your new website, the Team at UCI Digital is here for you. We have experience working with a large variety of clients and provide other services too, including Social Media Management, Graphic Design, and Advertising. You can reach us at (806) 553-5332 or Contact Us by email for more information.