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6 Basic Standards For Website Design And Development

Thursday, May 3rd, 2018
UCI Digital web design and development tips

If you use the right design elements, your website visitors will enjoy looking at your page(s) and want to return soon. Following these six basic standards will help you design and develop a professional-looking site.

Keep navigation simple

The key to a functional and beautiful website is a clutter-free, easy-to-use design. Menus are a friendly way to keep things organized. Be sure not to overwhelm your visitors with too many choices on your menu.

Use pop-up features appropriately

In certain instances, modal windows and pop-ups can be useful. Unfortunately, they have a tendency to be abused. You have probably clicked on a link because you were interested in the content, but were rudely interrupted by a popup or modal window asking you to sign up for something. If someone has not even had a chance to read your website content, they are not likely to follow you on social media or sign up for your newsletter. Annoying pop-ups are more likely to alienate potential readers and customers than anything else.

Incorporate white space wisely

Negative space and white spaces are two descriptions of the same thing. They affect the balance of the aesthetic on your website. Negative space complements the positive space. For example, negative space should be placed in between paragraphs. The header and your content should also be separated by a significant amount of negative space. Be careful though, margins that are too large might be an excess of negative space. This makes your website look empty and unfinished. The right balance can be achieved if you play around with it a little. White space makes your website more enjoyable for visitors and makes it easier to read your content.

Consider all platforms when applying responsive design

Your website needs to be “user-friendly” to all visitors. Responsive design refers to how your website appears on each medium used by a visitor. Optimize your site to work with mobile, desktop, and tablet platforms. Obviously, each of these items has a different screen size. Nothing is more frustrating for your visitors than cut off text. Design your website this way at the beginning, because fixing it later can be very difficult.

Make the space “above the fold” a priority

When the user opens your website, the space they immediately see without having to scroll, is considered “high-value property.” Make a priority of using this space well. Whatever is most important for you to show the user should be placed in this area. Some examples would be a logo, a call to action, and a mission statement. Your brand should be identified by these items and provide readers with information without requiring them to click through.

Source images correctly

Proper attribution and permission are essential when using any image from somewhere else. You could get into big trouble posting a picture on your website that was protected by copyright. An exception to this is if you are an affiliate marketer with your website.

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