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6 Exciting And Popular Website Design Trends To Consider

Tuesday, October 29th, 2019
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People are becoming more familiar with what user experience can really mean on the web. It isn’t just about functionality, although this factor is vital. The design of your website now speaks volumes about your credibility. Having a modern, sleek design will allow visitors to move across your site easily. Here are some design trends that you can consider for your website.

1. A strong, flawless user interface

Whether you sell a product or offer a service, your customers will want to see what you have to offer online. If your website is not designed for ease-of-use as well as aesthetics, people will notice. When someone visits your site and cannot find the information or product they are looking for, they are likely to leave.

User interface sounds like a complicated term, but it just refers to the way a user interacts with your website. Having a site that runs seamlessly with no errors or issues means your user interface is strong.

2. Mobile integration and apps

While having a responsive and mobile-friendly website is not new to the world of web design, the concept is evolving. The most popular way to access the internet is to use a mobile device. Because of this, search engines have become more focused on mobile websites.

Responsive design refers to one that fits the size of a device, whether it be a tablet, phone, or desktop. The elements of a website will seamlessly fit within the size of the device if the design is correct. The user experience will be stronger with a responsive design.

Mobile applications are another popular way that businesses are interacting with their customers. Most used to be games or other stand-alone apps, but today, businesses are looking to integrate their websites with these programs. Apps can be a way to share offers and promotions or a way for customers to interact.

3. Well-organized white space

One thing to remember about visual web design is that appearance is objective. What one person may find appealing may not be right for your brand. That being said, one web design trend that pertains to appearance is white space. Having plenty of well-placed white space with balanced features makes it easy to navigate the pages of your website. Clutter has the opposite effect. Here are some tips to remember about this trend.

  • White space doesn’t have to be white in color, it just needs to be empty. That means no text, images, or video.
  • Having white space can help with website loading speed.
  • You can help steer people’s movement on your website by using this design concept.
  • Too much white space can be distracting.

4. Custom graphics and design elements

You can build a website with a template, but this will not help you stand out in a growing crowd. Your website visitors will be able to tell if you (or your web development company) put effort into the design. You don’t have to have a website that is designed like large corporations, but you should consider customizing it.

You can start your unique design by making sure everything is branded. This means using your colors, logo, tone, and the general “feel” of your business. If you aren’t sure what to do, a website design company can help you during every step. If you are looking for a fully unique website experience, you can have custom graphics made for the entire site, not just the structural design.

5. Bold colors and shapes

As stated above, the visual aspects of website design should not be the same for every website. The design you choose for your website will depend on your personal tastes, your business, and what you want to tell your potential customers and clients.


A current trend for websites is to use bold, bright colors. Color is a powerful tool for communication and can be used in countless ways on the internet. You will need to be careful with color because too much can be overwhelming, while not using enough can be boring. A professional website development company will know how to use color and incorporate this trend with your brand.


Like color, the shapes on your website can help customers understand your business and your message. If you use odd, out-of-place design elements, it can confuse and distract your website visitors. This could lead them to quickly drop off of your site.

6. Videos

Using videos is not a new trend in website development and design. The ways you can use them, however, have increased. Videos can be placed on pages mixed in with images and text content. If you want to get a little more creative with using video content, consider using a looping video for your homepage or making a series of helpful vlogs. Where ever you use them, videos can help keep people on your website longer, which can enhance search engine optimization value. Just be sure that the videos mesh well with the overall design of your site and do not get in the way of functionality.

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