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7 Tips For Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Monday, May 30th, 2016
Internet UCI DIgital

The better you are at understanding your clients and engaging their desires, the greater the effect your social media efforts will generate. The following are seven tips that are well worth taking the time to consider and incorporate into your social media marketing efforts.

Give customers the answers they are looking for

Anticipate your client’s needs, and give them the answers they need on social media. Giving away valuable information not only builds trust, but it solidifies your image as an expert in your field. By providing answers, you save them time, and create a niche for your products and services to fill.

Choose format and length carefully

When you are answering your client’s questions in the social media realm, make sure that you choose the appropriate way to answer them. Sometimes, a regular blog post will be required. Other times, a short video, paragraph, or picture will be all that is needed. While you want to provide the answers your clients need, don’t overwhelm them with too much information. Keep the message just long enough to get the job done.

Endear and endow Your clients

Giving away samples is an expense that is well worth the investment. By giving away your products/services through social media, you give your clients an opportunity to “try before you buy.” In their minds, they have already used your products and services, and this endows a sense of brand loyalty and trust in the recesses of their subconscious. When they get ready to make their next purchase of a similar product or service, your business name will be the first one they think about.

Connect and reciprocate

Connect with influencers through social media and share their business with your clients. At the same time, ask these influencers to share your business with their clients. Over time, you will build valuable relationships where your respective products and services can benefit an ever growing pool of loyal customers.

Ask for help

“Please share this with your friends and colleagues.” It’s an amazingly simple sentence that requires little effort from your social media followers. By asking your customers and fans to help you spread the word about your business, you create the “Ben Franklin” effect. That’s because your clients will not only be willing to help, they will believe that you deserve their help. Also, clients will be more than happy to offer their help since it costs them nothing.

Post…then repost

The lifespan of each post on a specific social media platform will vary. However, you can post something today, and post it again a month later and it will still seem new and fresh. This minimizes the amount of work you need to put forth while it maximizes the exposure to each piece of content you have created. By posting on a regular schedule, and reinserting “top posts” along the way, you can create excitement and interest from just a few fabulous posts.

Build and foster bridges

The greater the connection you can create with your clients, the more effective your social media efforts will be. The easiest way to do this is to foster common bonds and interests. By discovering the interests and goals of your clients, you can create stronger relationships with them that transcend simple business transactions.

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