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A Brief Checklist To Optimize Your Website For Mobile

Friday, April 27th, 2018
Optimize your website for mobile users

Every year, numerous studies show that mobile searches, purchases, and internet use is rapidly catching up to, and in some cases, surpassing desktop use. Mobile optimization refers to websites adapting to this new environment that is ran by touch and on smaller screens. It is crucial for any new business to optimize their website for mobile application. Here is a checklist of critical elements that should be part of any properly structured mobile-optimized website.

Low load time

Most studies show that people will wait, at best, a few seconds before giving up on a website. Keep this in mind as you test your website, your website must come with a fast load time. That means compressing graphics, pictographs, and other features that suck up processing time.

Clean structure

Desktop monitors come with a lot of real-estate which allows you to cram it full of menu lists, quotations, pictures, and other information. Tablets and mobile screens are significantly smaller, so you must be judicious in the information that you provide because you don’t want to overwhelm your user.

Don’t be afraid to drop special effects, slides, or other gimmicks to ensure that your website offers a clean structure. Modern mobile websites look minimalistic and uncluttered; embrace that approach to standing out from your competition.

Limited flash and pop-ups

Do not utilize any animation that requires Flash. Many phones are not Flash compatible, which automatically removes those users from your potential client base. Also, consider that Flash is riddled with potential security issues which increase risk for your business and your customers.

Additionally, do not use pop-ups. They block your user’s view of information they want to see and are difficult to navigate around on a mobile device.

Visible navigation

Your users need to be able to find the information they need in a relatively short period. That means your website needs to operate in a manner that is organically understood and easy to implement. For good measure, keep the most important information up front and easy to find.

Strong calls to action

A call to action is any method that attempts to convince your user to take a particular action, for example, a shop button, “like,” “follow,” or subscribe feature. All of these calls to action should be prominently featured and easy to access.

Efficient SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Your website must be search engine optimized. People still rely on Google searches, but now they do them on their phone to find a particular service or product they like.

UCI Digital can help you optimize your website for mobile users. We offer a wide range of services to help your business succeed in the digital marketing world. If you would like additional information about our Services, give us a call at (806) 553-5332 or Contact Us via email. You can also stop by our location at 1000 S. Adams St. in Amarillo, TX.