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Case Study

Butterlove Biscuits website mockup displayed on a laptop


Nestled in the nook of Puckett Plaza in south Amarillo, Butterlove is a new local eatery that has earned a place in the hearts and stomachs of many. Their popularity comes from their unique take on soulful comfort food, an inspired selection of sweet and savory biscuits, and the creative drink mixes made from a full bar.


The Scope

  • Website
  • Videography


As the owners of Butterlove prepared to open their doors, they knew they would need to have a website that was built with the same love and care they had put into their buttery brand. They contacted UCI Digital and requested consultation of our services where they shared their brand concept and vision. We were immediately hooked (and hungry).

We eagerly set out with a goal to build a responsive website that offered visitors with a joyful and visual user experience and embodied the carefully cultivated values that constitute the Butterlove brand


We designed the website to employ the creative visual elements unique to Butterlove’s brand in a clean and sectional layout. We knew that as a restaurant, the emphasis needed to be on menu presentation and conducted multiple photo and video shoots prior to their opening. These photos were used to showcase the selling points of Butterlove’s southern homestyle dishes, eclectic selection of biscuits, and their mixed drinks from a full bar. Each of these selling points were given their own section on the main page with a clear description.

Since the website would also serve as a resource of information for Butterlove’s charity initiatives as well as a portal for individuals seeking employment, we created separate pages devoted to these key aspects. These pages were then linked to in a prominent navigation bar strategically placed for access by visitors to the page.

By threading together our working knowledge of best industry practices with the brand standards already in place, we were able to create a website that was both informative, responsive, and delivered an engaging user experience.

Butterlove Biscuits Website Preview