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Case Study

Pizza Planet


Pizza Planet is a beloved local pizzeria that opened its first location in 1974. Today, there are three locations, each with its own owner, but operating under the same mission: serving the city of Amarillo fresh pizza that is ‘out of this world’. Indeed, the franchise has continued to enjoy steady business from loyal clientele, even while competing against the many other national pizza chains.


The Scope

  • Branding & Design
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Content
  • Video
  • Photography
  • Analytics


One of the problems a local business typically faces is finding the time, resources and expertise to devote to their digital presence. And for a local franchise like Pizza Planet, with multiple locations and delivery options, a responsive website and well-established social presence are essential components for continued success.

We set the following goals:

  1. To execute a web redesign that would give visitors a responsive and fresh UX wherein they could easily access information relevant to each location
  2. To ensure the website could easily connect customers to the POS portal where they could securely place orders online to the appropriate store
  3. To strengthen the social presence of the Pizza Planet brand for the Bell street location on the following platforms:
  4. a. Facebook
    b. Instagram


For the Pizza Planet website, we focused on updating the visual elements, including the logo and overall UI. By introducing moving elements and discarding the previous parallax, we were able to instill a dynamic and lively feel for visitors. With the menu bar clearly displayed near the top and centered around the Pizza Planet logo, we ensured that the site navigation was easily accessible. In particular, we included a large button with the CTA “Order Online” to be displayed in the top right corner. This button, when clicked, leads directly to the POS portal for customers to place their orders online.

Additionally, by implementing a schedule of monthly blog content along with strategically written site content, we were able to target keywords that would ensure the website ranked in local search results.

To build the brand of Pizza Planet and drive qualified sales for the Bell street location, we set up profiles on both Instagram and Facebook. Then, we developed a schedule of social media posts that would serve to promote the store and its unique specials, menu items, and news. These schedules were tailored to the specific demographics and contextual specifications of each platform and its users. As these social posts rolled out, we were able to establish Pizza Planet as a brand by engaging with the reviews and comments from customers. This reputation management has allowed us to monitor the shifting tastes and desires of consumers and in turn, develop a series of highly targeted ad campaigns based on the data received. These campaigns were run on several platforms and segmented towards specific zip codes. This use of data allowed for cost-efficient advertising.

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