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Case Study

Reliant Dry Ice


Reliant Dry Ice is a leading national supplier of dry ice products with a mission to consistently deliver dynamic, secure, and cost-effective dry ice solutions for all customers. A subsidiary of carbon dioxide giant, Reliant Holdings, Ltd., the company offers industrial, commercial and retail applications and commandeer a service area that covers the southwestern states and all states along the west coast.


The Scope

  • Branding & Design
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Content
  • Video
  • Photography
  • Analytics
  • Print


Reliant Dry Ice approached us with a request for a website redesign along with developing a strategy that would establish a strong and cohesive brand identity and social media presence. They also expressed a desire that their product message reach the appropriate audience.

With this information gathered from the discovery process, we set the following goals:

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Identification of the target audience
  3. Creation of appropriate content
  4. Increasing the follower count on social media

A cursory examination of the company’s mission, goals, and purpose showed that members of their target audience would be most likely to utilize dry ice for commerce purposes related to their industry. This audience included corporations and businesses involved with the food, oil, medical and manufacturing industries. As a result, we set a goal of incorporating a professional and informative (educational, even) approach to the content created for Reliant’s website and social media platforms..

Reliant Dry Ice - Dry Ice Safety


The website redesign incorporated a modernistic color scheme that was bold enough to draw the eye to content, but simple as not to detract from the commercial purpose of the site. One key aspect of the website redesign was centric to the 2005 acquisition of interest by Reliant Dry Ice in Pacific Dry Ice. This partial merger of two entities meant that the Reliant Dry Ice homepage would serve as a customer portal for the Pacific and the Atlantic branches of Reliant Dry Ice. In order to have a seamless and effective design that still showcased the two portals, they were displayed prominently in the top corners of the site header identified by an assigned color and visible fonts.

The website copy was written with the intent to present a clear statement of the products, services and mission of Reliant Dry Ice. In addition, we ensured that there was a cohesive brand message that showed the proximal relationship of Reliant Dry Ice to the parent holding group, and the other subsidiaries.

On the social media front, a Facebook profile was established and an automated schedule of posts featuring branded images was put in place. Because of the B2C nature of Reliant Dry Ice’s sales, we put an emphasis on the safety measures needed for handling dry ice along with publishing the many points of contact for regional sales departments.

Reliant Dry Ice - Website