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Case Study

Starlight Canyon


The Plaza Restaurant & Bar is a local family restaurant serving Tex-Mex cuisine since opening its doors in 2001. As the years passed, the restaurant’s popularity grew and saw the open of additional locations in the area. As of date, there are now seven locations open; with six in the Texas panhandle and one in Altus, Oklahoma.


The Scope

  • Branding & Design
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Content
  • Video
  • Photography
  • Analytics


Seasoned event planners Liz and Nate Green became the owners of the historic Starlight Canyon Bed & Breakfast in 2013. Together, the husband and wife team have put their talents and expertise in task with running Starlight Canyon. Their sole mission: To help their guests have an unforgettable experience in a special place.

The couple came to UCI with a request for a website redesign. The Greens also expressed interest in our social media management services. After an initial consult, the team put together a strategy for the websites redesign along with developing a social media presence. We set the following goals:

  • To execute a redesign that would effectively showcase Starlight Canyon as a bed & breakfast and as an event center with a focus on weddings
  • To establish a social media presence and amass followers on the following platforms
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
Starlight Canyon
Starlight Canyon
Starlight Canyon


The website redesign was developed and executed with a central focus on Starlight Canyon’s distinctive branding and the associated elements. We opted to display a moving image as the website header that clearly showed a wedding celebration in progress. We opted to place this emphasis on the wedding venue aspect of the event center because it comprised the bulk of Starlight Canyon’s clientele.

We took the unique step of placing a call-to-action up front and center in the middle of the video clip, urging visitors to the site to book a tour of the wedding venue. This meant we would Immediately pull in a large portion of our target market with this lead generating tool. We chose to do this because we realized that we still had the luxury of showcasing the bed & breakfast and event planning aspects of Starlight Canyon after establishing the primary position of wedding venue due to the fact that these same services are also interrelated to the wedding packages offered by the Greens. Visitors to the site would easily be able to access information about wedding packages and venue booking, and then be guided to the cabins, where they could in-turn, learn about the bed & breakfast aspect of the place.

We facilitated this tiered information-gathering process by ensuring the site’s navigation was clearly displayed as a distinctively designed header. On this navigation bar, we opted for key action words that would catch the eye, such as: ‘Stay’, ‘Weddings’, ‘Video, etc. This would give visitors to the site a clear visual image of what Starlight Canyon could be used for.

For the social media aspect, we took the elements of Starlight Canyon’s branding and logo design and set up a profile on both Facebook and shortly thereafter, Instagram. We developed a series of social posts to be scheduled quarterly. These posts would showcase the feel and emotional appeal of Starlight Canyon as a wedding venue as well as a romantic getaway. These social posts on Facebook allowed us to refine the purpose and brand positioning of the event center and present it for consumption by a sizable target audience.

After the Facebook profile had been successfully established and gained a certain amount of followers, we then set up an Instagram profile and a respective schedule of social posts. These posts differed from the Facebook posts in that we took a more emotionally appealing stance, rather than delivering a clear call to action (‘call us to book a tour’, ‘see our wedding packages here, etc.). Here, we could truly develop the nuances and visual aspects of Starlight Canyon as a brand.

Starlight Canyon - Website