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Do You Need a Marketing Audit for Your Website?

Tuesday, June 27th, 2023
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An effective, optimized website is essential in today’s digital world to attract visitors and convert them to loyal customers.

The quality of your company’s website directly affects trustworthiness with users. Around 75% of customers base a company’s credibility on its website.

If your website is receiving few visits or has a low conversion rate, a website audit can help. Our website audits can benefit your business in several ways.

What Is Website Auditing?

Website auditing is the complete inspection of a website. We audit websites to ensure that they are functional and secure. Our audits follow several steps: 

  • Evaluating the website’s search engine visibility
  • Analyzing performance in depth, including page load speed
  • Listing ways to improve the website’s user experience
  • Brainstorming ways to increase website traffic and user engagement

Types of Website Audits

There are different types of website audits. The most common forms of marketing audits for websites are: 

SEO Audit

Analyzes your website’s performance on search engines and checks the following:

  • Meta descriptions
  • Traffic behavior
  • Keywords
  • Goal conversions

SEO audits help users who are ready to make a purchase find your website, which can increase conversions.

Content Audit

Content audits identify effective content, ensuring that your blog posts, product pages, service pages, and home page use a consistent voice and appeal to your target audience.

Technical Audit

Technical audits look deeper, analyzing technical SEO. Technical audits evaluate:

  • Broken links
  • Redirect chains
  • Inconsistent XML

Design Audit

Design audiences focus on user experience and include and ensure that your website is engaging to users.

Competition Audit

Competitions audits look beyond your site, analyzing and comparing your website to competitors to help you stand out.

Which Website Parameters Do You Audit?

As part of our marketing audits, we analyze:

  • Speed: How fast your website loads. That the first five seconds are the most important for conversion. 
  • Responsiveness: If your website is mobile-friendly and works on all devices.
  • User interface: Your website’s layout, structure, buttons, and more.
  • Security: How secure your users and their data are as they browse your site.
  • Third-party integrations: Analysis of third-party plugins to ensure they are functional and up to date.
  • Image optimization: Image size, thumbnails, and alternative attributes that affect your website’s load time.
  • Content optimization: Assesses blogs and landing pages for quality content.
  • Platform assessment: Compares your website’s current platform version to the most current available. 
  • Accessibility and compliance. Protects website owners from lawsuits and helps make sites accessible for all users.
  • Database assessment: Database space utilization, structure, and indexing.

Benefits of a Website Audit

A website marketing audit can improve your business’s:

  • Search engine optimization. Stay up to date with SEO best practices to rank higher and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Increased conversion rates. Maximize leads by converting visitors and improving CTAs.
  • Improved content. Remove content with low engagement.
  • Optimal user experience. Provide the best experience possible for users.

Schedule Your Website Audit Today

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