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Elements To Include In Your Social Media Videos

Tuesday, December 21st, 2021
elements to include in social media videos

Since we are all well aware of the impact that video can have on your brand, why not try to make it the best video that you can? Sure, video is one thing. But, what are the elements that are necessary to convert viewers into actual customers? Here is a guide on all things video! 

The Basics

First, you need to determine the goals of the video that you want to use on social media. Of course, the end goal is to gain new customers, but what else? For example, you need to think about which platform you’re going to use the video on. If you are going to share the video across multiple platforms, you need to make sure that the aspects of the video will fit the different size ratios that each platform has. 


We live in a world where it’s more important than ever to be inclusive. Not only are people watching your videos, but they’re trying to determine if your brand caters to those who may have disabilities. Plus, some people may not have their sound turned on or their speakers don’t work. You want to make sure that you are doing everything you can to make sure your video gets across to the right people. 


The age-old question: Does the length of a video impact the chances of them turning into a customer? The short answer – no. To go more in-depth, yes, people do like to see short videos that are to the point. But, if you have a video that is engaging and hooks the viewer within the first few seconds, they will tend to watch the entirety of the video. It all just depends on what your video is about and if the information is relevant to that person. 


It’s important for businesses to choose the sound that will make the video stand out, but also be within legal parameters. Plus, the sound is a great way for some users to become engaged with your content. 

The Actions In The Video

What is actually happening in the video is the most important. This is what will have your viewers wanting more and potentially becoming a new customer for your business. 

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