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Enhance Your Marketing Efforts Using 6 Psychological Insights

Thursday, June 30th, 2016
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The key to any successful marketing campaign (online or traditional) is to understand human behavior. The better you understand why people do the things they do, the easier it will be for you to market services in a way that catches people’s attention. To help you with that goal, here are six psychological insights to improve or modify your company’s marketing campaigns.

Impulse purchases

Everyone, regardless of education or income, makes an impulse purchase. An impulse purchase is something that is sudden and essentially unplanned.

You can capitalize on this quirk in the human mind by emphasizing the “now” aspect of your services. Make purchases easy and emphasize that your customer can “buy now” or “subscribe now”. Now is a trigger word that can induce a mini fight or flight response, which results in impulse buys.

Images over text

It is widely believed that the brain processes images faster than reading text. Take advantage of this by emphasizing visual content on your website. Rather than generate repeated text-based blog posts, organize those posts into a visually appealing image that incorporates text and numbers. Front-load your website with product images and descriptions that are visually based.

While content is important for your website in terms of search engine ranking, images are important for the user experience. Websites that have a powerful visual impact are generally more successful in marketing.


There is an entire subset of psychology that studies the interaction of the human mind with color. In a generalized sense, blue instills in people a sense of trust. You can see that many companies incorporate blue into their color schemes from Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and PayPal. That is not a coincidence, these companies are banking on color-based psychology.

However, be cautious, psychological reactions to color are largely based upon cultural reference and personal experience. Don’t focus your company too much on “blue” as a cure-all for marketing.

Build trust with word association

The brain is wired to trust businesses or products when it associates those products with reliable or trust-inspiring words. People put a lot of weight behind “guaranteed,” “certified, “authentic” and other similar words.

For example, “guaranteed” is a business’s way of endorsing its own products. “Certified” informs readers that a particular person or product has been independently verified by an outside or neutral third party. This encourages them to trust the information.

Of course, your product and company must also demonstrate these attributes if you are going to market them.

One “Yes” can often lead to more “Yesses”

The hardest part in marketing is getting that first sign of approval. For a car salesman, it is getting the customer to test drive a car. In online marketing, it is convincing people to subscribe to your email list. Once you get that initial “yes” down, it is easier to convince them to do more.

Focus on getting customers to do something small, like accept a free e-book, then gradually build them up to a product or service.

Frame purchasing experience based upon initial numbers

Psychologists refer to this behavior as the “anchoring effect.” Essentially, it means that people will use the first number they see as a point of reference for all other numbers seen during the purchasing experience.

For example, a person walks into a store and sees a jacket for $400. That person now associates all the jackets in that store with $400. When he or she sees another one for $200, they instantly believe they are getting a good deal.

Instill in customers a certain price point on your website. Then, use that number to generate favorable reactions to your services and products.

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