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How a Brand Refresh Can Work for Your Company

Monday, October 26th, 2020

Branding is a huge part of differentiating your business from the competition. A brand refresh should always be considered when it comes to your marketing strategy.

No matter the size or scale of your business, it’s important to prioritize branding because it increases your value, creates brand awareness, trust, and supports your marketing efforts. 

Whether it’s your local bakery or widely known brands such as Coca-cola or Starbucks, most brands worldwide refresh their looks.

Like fashion, trends come and go and eventually go out of style. Many business owners forget that as trends and consumer preferences change, they should too by doing a brand refresh. 

Your business’s brand is the foundation for any other piece of marketing created.  and is the core of what consumers visually recognize you as and can easily capture the attention of new audiences. This article will take a better look at how a brand refresh can benefit you. 

The Difference Between Rebranding and a Brand Refresh

Rebranding usually consists of a complete overhaul or total transformation of a company’s visuals and storytelling. Most of the time you are reinventing the brand identity to suit newer goals and audiences. 

Think of a brand refresh as a makeover. You may change your hair or buy new clothes to transform how you are perceived, it is quite similar to your brand.

It is simply the process of making small tweaks and improvements to your strategy and visual identity. 

A brand refresh usually updates or keeps your recognized visual identity. Changing up the look and feel of your brand usually brings new life into business performance and employee morale. 

While a refresh is mostly a cosmetic solution, it is still a powerful move that has a wide range of benefits that affect culture, systems, products, and services.

There are also 3 other key reasons you should consider a brand refresh such as repositioning, changing markets, or diversification.

As your company grows, you may realize that where you are competing no longer serves what you do best or is very crowded. Things are always changing in the market, and so should your brand.

Brand Refresh for Brown & Fortunato  

branding refresh

Brown & Fortunato is a fast-growing, progressive law firm founded in 1995. We were lucky enough to work with this talented company. We refreshed their website with their updated logo with a new color pallet and modern web design. 

The new logo gives the company a fresh look with the modern, san serif font. San serif fonts are simple, clean, and associated as forward-thinking, edgy, current, and even youthful.  Overall, this font choice helps reinforce these perceptions.

Switching up your logo for instance is a simple but effective way to appeal best to aesthetics that appeal best to new customers and clients.

A brand refresh shows that you are modern, relevant, and connected in your industry. It’s amazing what fresh colors, typography, styles, tone of voice, and photography can do for your company. 

The scale of a brand refresh can come in all shapes and sizes. It could be as easy as updating a website or logo, improving search engine optimization (SEO), or as big as entirely changing the brand name, color palette, logo, and fonts.

Are You Considering a Refresh?

At UCI Digital, we understand great design, but we go to great lengths to strategically position your brand and company. Whether it’s graphic design, print, and web design, to social media management and digital marketing, we cover all the bases. 

Let us help you set yourself apart from the competition. Check out our services for more information. You can also call us at (806) 553-5332 or email us. While you’re there take a look at our past work