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How Do You Create An Amazing Mobile Design For Your Website?

Thursday, April 26th, 2018
amarillo mobile online web design for small businesses

Websites optimized for mobile device access are an entirely different beast than those designed for desktops. There are entire new sets of concerns that you need to address, such as smaller screens. We will go through a few design tips to guide you in your thinking as you create your mobile-friendly website.

Think about the perception of the user

Perception is a fundamental design element in any online experience. Users will wait a few seconds before becoming irritated or losing interest in your product or service. You can counteract this by changing the way people perceive inevitable delays while your website loads content. For example, on Instagram, after the user selects a filter they are prompted with a description field. Users are so focused on the description field that they do not realize the photo is uploading in the background so that when they finally click “upload” the progress bar appears to move quickly. Think about your user experience and ways in which you can double up on processes to improve the perception of your website.

Don’t let innovation take you too far from what people expect from the platform. The platform is the particular interface your user utilizes to access your website. People browse on their phones with a certain expectation regarding speed and ease of use. Don’t try to push innovation at the expense of the user experience.

Create easy user flow

Desktop web pages can accomplish multiple tasks, but mobile pages must be far more judicious. If you try to do too much on a single screen, you risk confusing your user base. Instead, think of how a person may organically navigate your website and then break apart the steps to keep them as smooth and seamless as possible.

Keep your audience in mind. What do they take for granted? What would they not understand? Take into consideration the particular quirks of the industry. You can learn your audiences’ preferences by running A/B tests to determine what works and what does not. As you learn your audience, tailor your information to be as easy to use as possible. The interface should be “clean” and easy to read. Your website should be intuitively easy to follow.

Test the design concept

Iterate, iterate and iterate your web design. Don’t be afraid to toss out an idea or design concept if it improves the user experience. Never leave testing to the end, you need to weed out every single design flaw and confusion before it goes live.

Renovating a website for mobile devices is complicated but critical. All sites should be optimized for both mobile and desktop experience. UCI Digital specializes in online marketing. We have a quality team that can remake and rebuild your business’s online presence. If you would like additional information on our Services, give us a call at (806) 553-5332 or Contact Us via email. You can also stop by our location at 1000 S. Adams St. in Amarillo, TX. Don’t neglect your online marketing or web design, dollar for dollar it can be your most effective advertising tool.