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How Do You Market A “Boring” Company?

Thursday, August 4th, 2016
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Everyone has probably confronted this problem at some point during their marketing and business development. You get jealous over “sexy” or “exciting” industries that have it so easy during their marketing. Their industry or product practically writes the campaigns with no need for serious input or creativity from a marketing team. However, you don’t have to feel limited by the confines of your industry.

Embrace your “boring” label

How do you define boring? As little as a decade ago, an application company would have been the ultimate in boring companies. Now, it is the buzzword of every venture capitalist and technology start-up.

Boring is more about perception than existence. You can choose to magnify the exciting portions of your business using content generation. For example, a trash bag company may try to work in environmental concerns regarding its bags.

Meanwhile, a boring company will be searched less online and will end up paying less in advertising. Capitalize on this advantage by utilizing keywords to drive traffic to your website. This is a huge opportunity that “sexier” businesses would pay huge sums to access.

Focus on relevant topics

While you do need to be creative to generate content, it is critical that you do not stray too far from your business. You don’t want to generate “click-bait” articles that are irrelevant. It is more important to build an open and honest business that customers can rely on than to tarnish your image in favor of website traffic.

Inform your clients

Focusing on relevant topics then leads to informing your clients. People love data, insights, and tips from industry insiders. Explain topics that might be common knowledge in your industry, but are a mystery to clients. Focus on topics that are relevant to your client.

For example, an insurance company may discuss the factors that lead to higher insurance rates. Discuss the impact of accidents in the area, the history of the driver, the value of the car and other factors. Insurance valuation can probably generate dozens of articles that would inform your clients.

Remember that the purpose of these articles is to inform your clients and potential clients, not to discuss trends with other industry insiders and academics. You don’t need to write in incomprehensible terms. Try to focus on keeping it accessible and easy to understand. This also allows you to inject some personality and humor into your articles. Many people connect with companies because of a playful writing style.

Utilize visuals

Visual marketing is only going to continue to grow. If you are giving your client data or industry projections, do so using a color graph with explanations. This is far easier to read than a bland spreadsheet or table. People respond to pictures. For example, tweets with images receive 18 percent more clicks. While content is important, adding an image or video to your content is also important.

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