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How Does Website Design Differ Around The World?

Monday, June 4th, 2018
web design from around the world

The first impression about a website is gained within seventeen milliseconds, so viewer attention has to be earned immediately. Professional web designers around the world create their material according to the preferences of their unique geographic audiences. From country to country, you can see the different expressions change as designers match their sites to meet local tastes.

How does a designer know what will feel ‘foreign’ to a viewer? How are viewers able to decipher, so quickly, that the content is not going to relate to them? This first impression differs in different regions of the world. These customs explain how design is affected in four of the largest areas around the globe.

Design in India

Web design in India focuses more on groups of people. Images mainly display large gatherings, perhaps listening to a formal speech about a topic. Their messages tend to be regarded more as mission statements for products and services or opinions from others regarding the item or service.

In India, you will see more sites using only two colors rather than splashes of bright colors. Their use of color saturation is also much lower than other regions around the world. Gold appears to be the color of choice along with the use of adornments and other flourishes.

Design in Europe

Europe covers a vast area with many different countries and lots of varying design elements. In France, you will notice large pricing information displayed using large photos and a specific call-to-action. While in the UK, price information is more subtle. Web designers in the UK typically direct the audience to click an image or hover over an image to locate the prices.

Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, the Scandinavian countries, earn the reputation for creating more relevant websites. The website designers from this region develop their material to contain information that is relevant and useful. They also create sites that encourage empowerment and universal access. Their images are high quality, the websites are entirely functional, and their message is emphasized clearly.

Design in China

China is diverse in their material. They use a western style in some areas where layouts are focused on the specific message, product or service. Chinese people have a different cultural norm than other countries and are more used to browsing than concentrating on one main topic. This like of browsing is why you will notice their broad use of tickers on the local news channels.

The Chinese characters are more complicated than the English text and take up more space. Therefore, some prefer a more substantial content delivery on the first page, with the images smaller.

Design in the United States

Website designers in the United States understand their audience is focused more on individualism. They want to see content that personalizes a need to them with individual success stories or direct messages. These sites also use a higher color saturation being applied the same throughout the entire site. The popular trend is to focus on one item with a large sweeping image along with a clear and concise call-to-action.

In the United States, it is the designer’s goal to get their audience to act as soon as possible. They try to stay away from the long-term engagement of going over a company’s marketing message and get them to an action quickly. With this intent in mind, designers try to eliminate any distracting content and focus on getting the audience’s eyes to focus on the call-to-action.

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