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How To Choose The Best Visual Content For Your Marketing Strategy

Tuesday, October 30th, 2018
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If you want to catch your customers’ attention, it is vital to include graphics and images in your marketing material. Your marketing strategy should consist of visual content whether in your blog, printed advertisements, or on social media pages. The plan should be more involved than just throwing images into your content; you need to choose the appropriate ones. Here are five tips to help you make the best choice for your images.

Use genuine images

As often as possible, your marketing images should represent real people doing real activities. Stock photos can be eye-catching, but they don’t create an emotional connection every time. Original images capture feelings and allow your customers to relate to a real person.

This step is especially important if your product advertises itself as a genuine item. For example, your strategy may be to inform customers or potential clients of quality craftsmanship or a specific look and feel. Real people experiencing these qualities will reach your target audience more effectively.

Use high-quality stock images

Using genuine images may be difficult because it is sometimes hard to capture a professional look. There are stock image libraries that use images meant to evoke emotions and will fit many different campaigns. Try to use one that expresses your product and has not been over-used by other marketers.

Use strong images for big impacts

Today, consumers use their mobile devices to check out offers at almost any time. This modern version of shopping means their time is limited, and so is their attention span.

You want to use strong images to capture their attention along with content that tells your brand’s story fast. Risky and emotionally powerful images make significant impacts on your audience and will elicit conscious and subconscious feelings that stay with them. If you choose this strategy, it is vital that you understand your audience and their values.

Know your audience

Understand the audience your marketing strategy is targeting. Demographics, gender, geography, and age range will all affect which type of images you display. You should also know how your product or service will work for these people and use images that will encourage a long-lasting, positive impact.

Knowing your audience will help you choose images and graphics that will relate to their lifestyle as well. It is acceptable to test out different pictures and see which work the best on different social media platforms. Keep track of the attention gained from the variety and discover which is the best to continue using.

Make it personal

You can find certain stock images that are emotional or stunning, but they are basically a generic choice. But, sometimes you can purchase these images and make them personal. With the use of editing programs, you can take the stock image and add your brand to it so it looks like a personal shot of your product.

Purchased stock images can also be altered to make them stand out and make them more unique. You can play with the colors or exposure to create stronger emotions, for example.

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