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How To Maximize The Visibility Of Your Business With Facebook Posts

Wednesday, September 12th, 2018
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Facebook has changed a lot since it launched in 2007. Users have increased from less than one hundred million to more than two billion, including businesses that use social media as part of their marketing strategy.

At its start, businesses could count on content reaching all their targeted audience. Now, visibility has dropped to under two percent, meaning less fans are seeing your Facebook posts. Algorithmic changes and the increase of content are two reasons for this drastic drop, but there are ways to fight the decline. The following are six tips to help you maximize your visibility on Facebook.

Use applicable and engaging content

The Facebook News Feed algorithm is complex and changes continuously. It has to choose from thousands of data points when deciding the content that will be visible to users. The algorithm has become more personalized and focused on community. Still, the ultimate goal is learning where the most engagements are and what is most relevant for them.

One of the best ways to improve the organic reach of your Facebook Page is by creating appropriate and engaging content. Find your most successful content and focus on building more posts with similar characteristics. You should also think about how your company interacts within the community, encourage engagement, and ask for input from your followers.

Facebook has an Insights Page that you can use to see which of your posts get the most clicks and engagement. Check the time they are posted, what type of information is in them, and where they are the most popular. With the information you gain from the Insights Page, you can understand where your focus should be on posting future content.

Choose preferred or restricted audience

Organic page posts on Facebook have the option of going under Preferred Audience Or Restricted, so you can choose who will view your content. While you might wonder why you should restrict who sees your content, it does work well in certain situations. If you limit your post to those who are only relevant users, it raises your engagement rate. With an increase in this rate, Facebook sees your content as interesting and relevant and will then show it to more users.

Restrictions you can place include specific age groups, genders, specific languages, and even locations. With a narrowed audience that will appreciate and engage with your content, you will create more opportunity for organic reach.

Perform tests on posts

Test your posts with different videos (including Facebook Live), images, and written content to see what is most successful with your followers. Track when you do this testing and how it is targeted to find your specific audience base.

Use quality more than quantity

Reducing the number of times you post to your Facebook Page can work to increase your visibility in specific markets. Focus on the quality of what you are posting instead of how often you are posting. Video content is surfacing on Facebook more and more often as high-quality content. Creating and sharing videos may take more resources, but it will increase your visibility engagement rate.

Invite users to like your page

When you see that someone has engaged with a post you published on Facebook, you can invite them to like your Page. Facebook shows you who has liked your Page and even those who have not clicked the like option, but have engaged with a post.

Consider paid advertising

Paying for advertising on Facebook can increase your post’s reach. There are many cost levels to choose from that can help you reach people who have not already liked your Facebook page.

To maintain control over your targeted audience, you need to create a correctly segmented Facebook Ad Campaign. Do not choose the Boost Post choice if you want to create a new or more in depth advertisement. Advertisements can increase your organic reach by displaying your post to the connections of people who engage with it. But, boosting posts can also accomplish this and may be easier to handle.

Social media services in Amarillo, Texas

Social media is a cost-effective tool your business can’t ignore. Even though there is a decline in organic Facebook Page reach, there are still more people than ever viewing content. If you need help creating high-quality content to generate more engagement with your social media, contact the experts at UCI Digital in Amarillo, Texas.

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