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Increase Customer Loyalty By Being More Social

Thursday, May 19th, 2016
Helping UCI Digital

The world is a social place, and people love to engage with and follow their favorite companies. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are valuable tools you can use to engage your customers and in the process build brand loyalty. The more you use these social media platforms, the greater your opportunities for long-term, sustainable growth. When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, social media is a cost-effective marketing tool that your business simply can’t afford to ignore in the growing digital landscape.

Stay consistent

Loyalty begins with consistency. Your social media posts should reflect the image you want your brand to carry. Each and every post should use language, lingo, and graphics that are a direct representation of your products and services. Craft this image carefully and cultivate the rewards that it will bring.

Stick to a schedule

Social media is a massive tool that many businesses are using. As a result, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd amongst the chatter. You will want to avoid the temptation to post too much, and share too much. This can turn customers off to the point that they will simply tune out. Instead, opt for a slow and steady approach. Post two or three times a day, and stick to this schedule each and every day of the week.

Optimize your posts

Use tools to track your posts and your engagement rates. Discover what works, and what doesn’t. Using social media for marketing is a learning process, and what works best for your competitor, may not work best for you. Analyze your traffic and engagement rates closely so that you can tailor your future posts in such a way that they speak directly to what your customers want to hear.

Build the links

Linking to additional content is the best way to keep your customers interested in what you have to say. Make sure that within each post that you are linking to additional pages and content. This keeps your clients focused on the products and services that you are promoting. It also helps them navigate to information that can help them make a better purchasing decision.

Give value by showing off your expertise

Giving away knowledge and tips is a fantastic way to build loyalty. Information is the most valuable commodity within the social media landscape. By sharing what you know with your customers, you show them what you can do. You highlight your expertise and position yourself as an expert within the field.

Keep it visual

Pictures and videos go a long way towards grabbing your client’s interest and keeping it. Videos and pictures are fast ways to convey both professional image and valuable information. Using these features to your advantage on social media platforms can give you a rapid advantage over businesses that don’t use them.

Engage, engage, engage

The key to social media is to be social with your clients. Interact with them as often as possible. Answer their questions, ask them questions, and let them get to know your brand in the process. The result is that when the time comes for them to make their next purchase, they will think of you first. That’s because positive engagement creates a mental imprint at the subconscious level. The stronger this imprint, the greater the loyalty.

Tie it all together

Social media is a rapidly evolving field. With new platforms, come new opportunities. As exciting as this is, it’s essential to resist the temptation to just fire blindly. Make sure that you tie your social media accounts together and that the information you are sharing is consistent across all of the channels. The better at this that you become, the more positive the results, and the greater the loyalty and trust that you will build with your clientele.

Are you ready to give your social media efforts a boost in the right direction?

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