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Influence Your Customers With Website Design, Layout, And Content

Monday, January 21st, 2019
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There are many reasons why your website may not be bringing in the audience you’re aiming for. How can you tell if your website is designed and optimized for your target audience?

There are many aspects to look at in your website’s layout, design, and content. All these things and more can influence the way your audience behaves when spending time on your site. If you want to have a successful website, you should study and research what parts of your site are working and which parts aren’t.

How does your website influence potential customers?

Consumer buying behavior is the attitude and preference of customers while they’re shopping. Buying behavior can be influenced by the way your website is designed. A good example of this is how large corporations like Walmart and Target get customers to buy certain products. Have you noticed that when you go into one of these stores the deli, fruits, and vegetable are typically to the right when you walk in? This is because shoppers tend to walk in a counter-clockwise direction when they enter a store. Businesses understand these behavioral statistics and take advantage of them to get you to buy more than you planned.

Of course, customers or visitors can’t walk counter-clockwise on your website. But, there are still ways you can design your layout to encourage engagement and buying behavior.

Homepage design

Experienced website designers should test every aspect of your homepage. This includes the navigation bar, layout, colors, content, positioning, mobile friendliness, and usability. Each element should be measured for user experience to find what works for your customer base. Having even one poorly functioning aspect could damage your traffic flow.

Every part of your website, especially your homepage, should show your products, services, and values without distracting viewers. This is because your homepage is often looked at the most.

Individual page design

Each page element should also be considered and tested thoroughly. Everything from your calls-to-action to the position of content contributes to use experience. Visitors may buy your products, find your address, or decide to look into your competitors based on your website design.

You want visitors to learn about you and your products, have an interaction based on feelings, and ultimately contact you. This can be done by drawing the viewers eyes into a specific point with graphics, providing them with useful content, and offering incentives like sales. Each page on your website should be dedicated to something specific, like products, services, or information about your company.

Website content

The content on your website can include text, images, and videos. Many websites design content to answer certain questions. Images and videos provide faster answers, while written content can give your viewers more in-depth information. Content helps you rank in search engines, which gets you more viewers, so it is important to have the right kind.

Original content should be your focus, not just answering questions. If you offer helpful, credible information, you show you customers that they can trust you. The way you design your content within the layout of each page is also vital. If the people viewing your website cannot find the information they need, they will not contact you. The key is knowing your audience. Your website should be built specifically for their experience. That experience is most influenced by ease of use, clear information presentation, and subtly encouraging visitors to take action.

Website design and internet marketing in Amarillo

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