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Marketing personality types

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021
personality types

This article was written by Victoria Pickard.

In the world of marketing, we all have our own unique ways of doing things. Some people like to be more hands-on, while others enjoy running things behind the scenes. Either way, the way that everyone works is extremely helpful to all aspects of marketing. Although it is rare that someone will exhibit only one type of personality, everyone has one type that will shine through the others. Take a look to read about the 4 different types. 

The Initiator 

The Initiator is what most people think of when they imagine a marketer. They are the most creative and come up with new ideas constantly. Initiators tend to get distracted by their new ideas. This is definitely one of the good things about this personality type, they are never afraid to try new things. When they find something worth getting into, they usually pass it on to another personality type to get it done. The Initiator is the most outgoing and social personality type. They are the ones who are always on top of the trends. Although they will always have new and unique ways to do things, it’s sometimes hard for them to see through the bad ideas. They oftentimes have a long list of projects they have started, but never finished. It’s important for the other personality types to step in and help to get things done. 

The Implementer

An Implementer generally likes to work behind the scenes on projects. They are less outgoing than an Initiator or a Driver. They tend to understand what people are visualizing and make their ideas happen. They are keen on slow and steady progress. The Implementer likes to pay close attention to details. They will observe everything about people and understand how to turn their ideas into something that works. This personality type is great at implementing others’ ideas, but can often be limited to think creatively or outside of the box. 

The Driver

Much like the Initiator, they are a classic marketer. They like to set goals for themselves and will stop at practically nothing to achieve them. The Driver loves to see progress on all of their projects. These personality types are the ones who keep everyone on track. While we all know that marketing comes with many obstacles, the Driver is the person who tends to find ways around them. They will keep working on their projects until they see the results that they want. Since Drivers have a determined mindset, they often only have their sights set on the project they are working on. It’s hard for them to focus on anything else when they haven’t finished or seen the results that they want on their current project. 

The Refiner

The Refiner’s love to see proof of their projects. They are the ones who are focused on the numbers and analytics of certain campaigns. They are perfectionists, which makes for good performance. The Refiner’s are great at telling the truth. They will report everything accurately so that they will know exactly what needs to be changed in order for something to perform successfully. Since they love to understand the data of things, this can often be a weakness of theirs. They will spend hours going through each aspect to understand every little detail of their project. They want everything to be done right and won’t settle for anything less.

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