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In digital marketing, it’s important to track your progress. One of the ways that we can monitor this growth is through Google Analytics. For our ecommerce clients, we offer reports through Shopify’s analytics. Our clients benefit from regularly scheduled meetings to discuss and review data.

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Using Google Analytics, we can:

  • Target where your website’s visitors are coming from
  • See what pages they are going to
  • Determine how long they stay
  • View top performing pages and pages that could use improvement
  • Identify the demographics of your visitors
  • Compare past data with current data

While Google Analytics can be used for ecommerce, Shopify has analytics built into the platform itself. This gives us more data to look at and compare.

Using Shopify Analytics, we can:

  • Review recent activity from your online store
  • Track visitor insights
  • Evaluate transactions made across any connected platform

Let us analyze your data and recommend a strategy, so we can grow together.