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Wondering who your websites visitors are and what pages they’re looking at? With lead generation, we can help you identify your visitors. What page do they come in on? How much time do they spend on each page? There are so many questions that basic analytics aren’t able to answer. 

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Our software allows us to:

  • See who visits your website
  • See the page they come in on
  • See the time spent on each page
  • See the pages they transition to
  • See their IP address
  • View the company that their address is associated with
  • Get contact information to follow up

This information is vital to how your company interacts with website leads. We can help you to understand all of the necessary information so you can get a better idea of the type of people interacting with your information. If you have certain pages that aren’t performing as well as you’d like for them to, this software can help you understand exactly why.