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UCI Digital is committed to making your website the cornerstone of your overall marketing goals. This means bringing multiple talents and skill sets to the task. In order to achieve the best results for your project, our team includes high-level coders, diligent writers and editors, gifted graphic artists and social media specialists who connect with your clients needs. Our dedicated project and client specialists keep the process smooth at each point of the project lifecycle. Finally, our server engineer is fanatical about keeping your site secure and running at optimal levels at all times. The team at UCI Digital truly is The Total Package!

The UCI Digital Team

Cindy Carver

Company President

The UCI Digital Team

Chris Hatfield

Sales and Digital Specialist

The UCI Digital Team

Christopher Torrez

Digital Marketing Coordinator

The UCI Digital Team

Melodie Hefley-Lankop

Content Manager

The UCI Digital Team

Michelle Martinez

Graphic Designer

The UCI Digital Team

Alex Fairbanks


The UCI Digital Team

Stephanie Helton

Office Administrator