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Questions To Ask New Clients During The Onboarding Process

Tuesday, September 13th, 2022
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While your company is in the process of signing new clients, it can be easy to overlook steps during the onboarding process. It is exciting to sign new clients, but it’s important to remember everything you need to ask your client as they begin their journey with your company. Here is a list of the questions that you should ask clients as they sign. 

The Basics

Before you can begin your clients’ advertising, there are a few pieces of information needed prior. 

You will need:

  • A point of contact
  • Business address
  • Business website
  • Social media accounts 
  • When do you expect to begin your advertising?

These are just a few things that you will need from your client. If they decide to sign a contract with your company, you will need to gather more information from them.

Ask these questions:

  • Information about the company 
  • Login information
  • Products/services sold
  • Who is their target audience?
  • Who are their competitors?
  • What are their company values?
  • What are their goals/expectations working with you?

Moving Forward After Signing

You should always do your best to manage client expectations. For example, rarely does advertising result in overnight success. Of course, many people know this, but it’s still important to set those expectations before anything begins. 

Once the client decides to go with your company, that is when you can begin discussing budgets and timelines. Once you have a set budget, you can prepare your marketing strategy. Which platforms would be best to advertise their business on? Which social media platform would reach their preferred audience? Different industries require different approaches. 

As always, make sure that you share every piece of information with the clients. Are their advertising efforts making a difference? What can you change to help them perform the best that they can? 

Lastly, make sure that your clients are comfortable with how your business operates and the approaches that you will take. Ask them how you can help this process go as smoothly as possible for them. 

Why Choose UCI Digital?

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