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Shape Your Site Content To Be More Interactive For Users

Thursday, May 31st, 2018
Shaping your web content for customers

Content marketing has become an opportunity for marketers and entrepreneurs to create articles, post to blogs, share videos and put out info graphics. This market continues to grow, and users are still interested in what is being posted, but what they are looking is seeing a change. Below are ways for you to shape your site content to be more interactive and keep your user’s attention.

What are user’s looking for today?

Many companies are repeating their market content and using the same type as their competitors. Techniques are copied and repeated over and over, filling up news feeds with what consumers are referring to as ‘white noise’. Users today are asking to see more unpredictability, personalization, and participation in content marketing.

These three changes are possible if you shape your content to be more interactive. People like more participation in the content. When they participate in an action, they want to see results from what they’ve done through those actions.

They also want content that relates more to their specific needs. Users are looking for more personalized content that isn’t written for the masses but instead targeted to their interests.


Offering your users a calculator to work out number situations for themselves provides a way to participate and see personalized results using the information you’ve given them. An example of using calculators is when you provide information on the best way for a user to invest their money. Users would be able to use the calculator to see end results for their specific situation.

Click options

Providing click options offers your users a form of interaction. Use clickable opportunities that lead them to a useful function such as another article that will back up the material you’re giving them. Your users will appreciate these options as it increases their interactions with your site.

Embedded functions

An embedded click through can add either participation or personalization depending on where you send them. If it leads directly to material that is specific to them, it is personalization. An embedded function that leads to an area where they can report information or perform a test, it will add participation to your content site. Adding this function will take your content site to a whole new level that meets the needs of users today.

Surveys or quizzes

Excellent forms of interactive content are quizzes and surveys. These can be as simple as asking them to rate the information in your content or if they agree or disagree with your material.

These are just some ideas for you to use to shape your content site into a more interactive platform. Be creative and add others that will create unique ways for your users to feel more involved with your site.

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