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The Basics For Successful Web Design

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018
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Building a successful website consists of two essential components. First, you need a team of talented and inspired web designers to craft a unique experience for your user. Second, you need a team of experienced coders to breathe life into the designer’s vision. The marrying of these two essential teams will generate an unparalleled experience for your users. So the first step in any website design is to build a team that can work and communicate together. However, before you do that, answer this fundamental question:

Do you need a new website?

You may think that your website appears out of date when compared with your competition. If your site utilizes out-of-date tools or gimmicks (the unique visitor counter is a popular one), then you may need a new one. Another common issue is navigation. If you receive constant complaints about navigating your website, it may be time to consider revamping it.

Be sure that you can update your site without any hassle. Modern websites come with built-in content management systems (CMS) which allow you to update quickly and edit blogs and information without too much fuss.

Another benchmark is the overall age of your website. If it is four or more years older, it is likely that you are not optimized for mobile. Don’t fall for the classic “optimization” pitch. In most situations, it is cheaper and easier to start all over with a brand new website than to try and optimize a site on an older platform.

A website is your company’s sign or front door. It must be well maintained, or you lose the confidence of repeat and future customers.

Starting the website revamp

Keep these three things in mind when you redesign your website:

  1. Who is invested in the success of your site? What are their needs? How would they navigate or use your website?
  2. Designate a point of contact for the web design company that you hired to assist your business. You don’t want too many opinions going into the design, so it is easiest to funnel them through someone that you know and trust.
  3. Make sure you block time to participate in the revamp. You need to review text and images as well as other website elements. You don’t want this to run on auto-pilot, you know what your site needs – the design company is simply there to bring it to life.

Basic elements

At a minimum, your website should do the following four things.

First, it must come with a content management system. You cannot maintain or update your website without one. Do not let yourself become dependent on another company that promises to update your site whenever you ask; you want the power.

Second, emphasize that the design of the site must be responsive. You want people to transition seamlessly from work computer to phone to tablet.

Third, maintain an ongoing relationship with your designer. Your website will occasionally suffer technical or design problems. It is cheaper and easier to work with a company that knows you, rather than to go through the entire learning process again.

Fourth, search engine optimization. This is a must for any website, and yours is no different.

Redesigning a website is a big job. Luckily, the quality team at UCI Digital has over 30 years of combined experienced. If you would like additional information on our Services, give us a call at (806) 553-5332 or Contact Us via email. You can also stop by our location at 1000 S. Adams St. in Amarillo, TX. Don’t neglect your online marketing or web design, dollar for dollar it can be your most effective advertising tool.