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The Insider’s Guide To Creating Compelling Content

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016
Shaping your web content for customers

Getting a reader to hang on your every word isn’t easy. If it were, then everyone would be a best-selling author. Luckily, you don’t need to be Hemingway to create compelling content for your website. Follow these four tips to guide your writing process and soon you will be captivating your readers.

Tip #1: Readers want answers

Pose to them a question or issue that does not have an immediately obvious solution. The reader needs to be left wondering what they know and what they need to know – this is called a curiosity gap.

Admittedly, you cannot control what you readers know. However, you can control how you present your information. Compelling content doesn’t need to be gripping for every reader. Instead, your goal is to convince more readers to hang on your every word. Once you master this style of writing, most of your content will be compelling for the majority of your audience.

Give your readers a path, but don’t make it obvious. For example, “How to Pan-Fry a Steak,” has an obvious solution. Most readers will know to pre-heat the pan and apply oil and butter before the steak hits the pan.

Instead, word your title and content to leave the reader unsure of the answer, for example, “A Chef’s Trick to Perfect Medium-Rare Steaks.” Your reader will have an idea of what will be discussed, but does not know the immediate answer.

Of course, if you really are offering a “chef trick” then it needs to actually be a unique trick that works. So, make sure that your content delivers or else you will lose the trust of your reader.

Tip #2: Well-designed content

Blocks of text on a website are boring and daunting. Find a graphic artist to make pictographs that weave into your content. Break up the text into manageable paragraphs with informative headers. Play with fonts, color schemes and images. Make your content easy and fun to read.

Tip #3: Use plain English

While dropping SAT words may be fun in a party, they aren’t great at retaining an online audience. Your audience needs to be drawn in and impressed by you. However, they can’t ever engage in your content if they are looking up words every other sentence.

Avoid industry terms and focus on writing in a natural manner for your website. Each sentence should flow into the next, so that the reader can get through two topics before they realize they started reading.

Tip #4: Be unique

Content marketing has been around for a few years now. So, before you start, research the competition first. Find out how other companies are writing for their website and come up with a new angle. Make it unique to your online audience and clients.

Does your website need compelling content?

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