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Threads: Instagram’s Wordy Cousin

Wednesday, August 9th, 2023
Threads: Instagram's Wordy Cousin

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, recently launched their new social media platform, Threads. Meta built this app to promote positive, productive conversations, allowing users to connect with others by joining public discussions and sharing text updates. Many compare the new platform to Twitter, as they show resemblances, but the differences come to light when closely examined. We will discuss these differences and give you the low-down on Meta’s Threads.  

How Threads Works

To put it simply, Threads is like the text version of Instagram. You can even sign in using your Instagram login. Threads users are able to follow the same accounts they follow on Instagram as they enter the platform. Users typically follow friends, family members, and anyone they wish and share real-time updates. 

Threads allows text posts up to 500 characters with GIFs, images, and videos up to five minutes long. The app offers everyone, from creators to casual scrollers, a fresh, separate platform for real-time updates and public conversations. Your feed on Threads features threads posted by users you follow alongside recommended content for you to discover based on your interests. 


Users over the age of 16 have the option to make their profile public or private. However, for users under the age of 16, profiles will automatically be set to private. Threads allows users to choose who can mention them or even reply to them within other threads. Another similar trait of Instagram that Threads inherited is the addition of hidden words. With this feature, users add hidden words to screen out replies to their threads containing specific words. Other privacy features include unfollowing, blocking, restricting, and reporting profiles. Additionally, any accounts blocked on a user’s Instagram are blocked automatically on Threads. 

The Downside

Despite a recent record-breaking launch, users already have issues with the app. A primary concern users have is their feeds are flooded with accounts they do not follow, though Meta says it’s a medley of followed accounts and curated algorithmic recommendations. At the moment, there is no way to scroll through a feed solely of accounts followed. Meta has yet to foreshadow this being an option for users in the future, either. Currently, Threads users cannot directly message other users either, furthering limitations within the platform. Threads users also do not benefit from the “Close Friend” setting offered on Instagram.

How to Delete Threads Account

Another issue that social media users have found concerning about Threads is the fact that if they want to delete their Threads account, they are required to delete their Instagram account as well.

Users can deactivate their Threads profile (up to once a week), hiding their profile and content from being visible on the platform. Users also have the option to delete their posts individually without deleting their beloved Instagram account. But to entirely remove a presence on Threads, users must also delete their Instagram account since Instagram powers Threads. The good news is Meta has mentioned they are exploring paths to delete Threads accounts separately. 

Looking Towards The Future 

At the rate social media is evolving at, trying to predict the next advancement is limitless. Unless you’re Meta, the parent company of Facebook. To visualize Meta’s vision, you must know a little backstory about the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The W3C establishes the open standards that power the modern web. The W3C also created an open social networking protocol called ActivityPub. This allows Threads to interact with other apps that support the ActivityPub protocol, like Mastodon and WordPress, making brand-new connections that are impossible on other social apps. 

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Social media platforms like Threads have become an integral part of our lives, and their impact on our personal and professional spheres cannot be ignored. The launch of Threads places further emphasis on this notion. 

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