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Good Tips For Starting A Tiktok Account For Your Business

Monday, January 11th, 2021
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Have you ever thought about starting a Tiktok but you’re not sure what you would do on the platform? There are so many things to consider when you go to create your account. Throughout this article, we will go over commonly asked questions and some tips for getting the most out of the app.

Commonly asked questions about Tiktok

commonly asked questions about tiktok

When it comes to creating a Tiktok account for your business, it can be a little bit intimidating. Almost all of the younger generations are constantly viewing the content posted and taking action. These are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Am I too old to be using Tiktok?

am i too old to post on tiktok

This is a very common question when it comes to adults thinking about creating a Tiktok account. The answer is- no. You are not too old. Just in 2019, there was an average of 57.9% of users aging from 24 to 54. That is crazy, right? But wait, there were also 16.2% of users that were 54+ years old. So, when getting started, age is really just a number.

What content should I be posting?

what content you should put on tiktok

There are all kinds of videos that go viral on this platform. What you should be sticking with is trending content. A lot of the trending videos are going to be dances. Whether you are a dancer or not, it is important to put yourself out there while creating the videos and to also incorporate the business that you are trying to promote.

How often should I be posting?

how often should you post on tiktok

Consistency is key when it comes to posting on Tiktok. As long as you post your content in a consistent manner, your videos will continue to be seen. What is special about this app is that you can create as many videos as you’d like and keep them in the “drafts” section of your page. This way, when you don’t have time to create a new video but you need to post, you already have a backup.

How can I boost my business with Tiktok?

boost your business with tiktok

The algorithm of the app is based on what users like to see. If a user likes a video of a dog, it is likely that their page is going to have more and more dog videos shown to them. To boost your business, you have to appeal to a large audience. Try to stay up to date with the latest trends of the app to get your videos seen, while also keeping your evergreen content consistent.

How to get started

how to get started on tiktok

Getting started with Tiktok is easier than you’d think. After you create your account you will be able to start seeing videos on your “For You Page”. The For You Page is lined up with videos based on your personal liking. No two accounts are the same. The videos that show up will be based on what you have previously liked in the past. You can create your own videos similar to the ones that you have liked, or come up with new ideas. It is somewhat important to use the trending sounds when you are editing your video. This is because the trending sounds are seen more frequently if a user has liked other videos with the same sound.

What you should/shouldn’t be posting on Tiktok

what you should post on tiktok

There is not much that can go wrong when posting on Tiktok. This platform is all about creativity and individuality. It is helpful to find your niche and create content within that.

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