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What Does The New iOS Update Mean For Your Business?

Monday, May 3rd, 2021
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This article was written by Victoria Pickard.

We all know that Apple is famous for coming out with frequent software updates. Recently, they released the iOS 14.5 update. But what does that mean for the average user or businesses? Does anyone actually pay attention to the terms and conditions when they agree to install the update? Honestly, it’s not often that we do. But in this case, it’s important to marketing and advertising that we understand the qualities of the new update. 

The biggest change comes to the privacy settings. The new update includes something called the App Tracking Transparency framework. This is what is going to affect the way that your business can advertise. 

How does the iOS update work?

When you go to open an app, there will be a pop-up. This pop-up will ask you if you want to be “tracked” and will let you know why the app wants to do that. In most cases, by agreeing to be tracked on the platform, you will get a more personalized and unique ad experience. 

Most businesses rely on online advertising to spread brand awareness or increase their sales. With the new privacy changes from the iOS 14.5 update, they won’t be able to have the same efficiency as before.

Businesses are trying to prepare for the expectation that users will decide to opt-out of the tracking. It is definitely going to change how advertising works for small businesses since they won’t be able to target their desired audience as accurately anymore.  

Facebook is planning on how this will impact advertising effectiveness for mobile users. For example, if someone is in the app and clicks on a link to take them to a website, Facebook won’t be able to track that information. Because of this, tracking conversions and retargeting campaigns will suffer. 

In the end

While this change isn’t a great step for advertising, companies have to learn to be flexible and go with it. Learning how your campaigns will be effective or not will come with the new advertising experience. Trying to reach Apple users who choose to opt-out will be difficult. New advertising campaigns will have to be creative and organic advertising will inevitably become more popular in the future. Once all of the changes start to roll out to everyone, marketers will begin to learn how to rearrange their campaigns to be more effective. 

Want to hire an advertising agency to navigate new changes?

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