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What Motivates Facebook Users To Share?

Friday, May 25th, 2018
What gets customers to share a facebook post?

There are three main reasons Facebook users ‘share’ material. The top reason is that they have found something they feel will entertain their friends. Another reason is they feel the material expresses how they feel about specific issues. Lastly, it’s material that they feel is useful to others.

Why users feel the need to share

A psychological study regarding why users feel they have to share on Facebook shows almost half of them do so for entertainment purposes. They use Facebook to show their friends material they think is humorous or can potentially change their opinion on a subject. Most of these users share interesting facts, relevant news, or funny videos and one-liners.

A vast majority of users will share a post that expresses a cause they feel is essential. These people will post this information in hopes of swaying others to feel as adamant about these issues as themselves. They also want others to know which causes are important to them and those they support.

Other Facebook users share information about products they have either used or would like to try. This sharing method showed people thought they could potentially change the mind of their friends to try new products.

Demographics of Facebook

Both male and females use Facebook to share a thought, emotion, or idea. Women are more likely to share issues to receive an emotional response. In contrast, men will often share material they feel can persuade their friends to change their minds about an issue or item.

Most people do not share material every day, but those who do, are found to share stuff they know will cause controversy. Many of the respondents in the study stated they prefer to stay away from the political content.

Facebook marketing strategies

Years ago people talked to one another about new products and encouraged them to try different items. Today, these recommendations are sent through ‘shares’ on Facebook. This form of communication is widely used in today’s world. Getting a business message out that will engage this audience could be challenging. However, it’s a challenge that your business needs to meet.

You want to make your content engaging to attract users to the information. Once you’ve drawn them to your Facebook post, make it simple and easy to understand. This way they feel it can be shared with friends without taking up a lot of their time. Keep your material to about one or two lines and no more than 250 characters. Going over these amounts may lose the attention of your targeted audience.

A study on the effectiveness of marketing strategies on Facebook shows your best days to post are Thursday or Friday. However, every industry is different, and should be customized to your target audience. Knowing when and how to display your content will get you the best possible chances of your material being ‘shared’ on Facebook.

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