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Why Writing Style Matters For Content Marketing And Social Media

Thursday, December 6th, 2018
Shaping your web content for customers

At its very core, marketing is a form of communication meant to convey something specific. The ultimate goal of marketing is to send a message to customers that will convince them to buy your product or service. To successfully get this message across, your writing needs to be eye-catching and interesting, whether on your website or social media. People have short attention spans, especially when it comes to advertising. How do you engage them and make your content stand out from the rest? You can do this by making sure you have a good writing style, of course.

What is a writing style?

Style isn’t just what clothes you wear or how you wear them. Although fashion is also a form of communication, it isn’t what this article is about. Writing style is all the more subtle, key components that influence the way your viewers and clients see your business.

Here are a few examples of what writing style can include:

  • Vocabulary/word choice
  • Tone of the author’s “voice”
  • Reading difficulty
  • Paragraph length and spacing
  • Use of images or graphics
  • Level of formality

To get the most out of your content, make sure the style matches up to the message you want to covey. For example, you’d probably see a more serious business, like a lawyer’s office, using formal vocabulary and a professional tone. But, keep in mind that clients tend to shy away from stories and articles that sound robotic and boring. Your content should build a connection between you and your customers. In the world of marketing, people favor relatability over being informed. They also look for value in what they are reading.

Why should I care about writing style?

One of the biggest factors in client rejection is a businesses’ language. Incorrect spelling, grammatical errors, and inappropriate words can quickly give viewers a negative impression. Proper language usage builds trust with your clients and the legitimacy of your business.

With the proper writing style, customers will easily understand what your business does and offers. It bridges the gap between the “transmitter” and “receiver,” and leaves no room for misunderstanding. Visually pleasing, easy-to-read paragraphs provide the best information and open customers to consider whatever service you may have to offer. When it comes to content, you should treat marketing like an art and not just a science. Having pride in what you do shows customers that you are invested in your business an in them. The same is true for social media.

How do I improve my writing style?

The first step is remembering that not everyone knows what you know. Just because you understand a product completely doesn’t mean that everyone will have the same knowledge. Always assume that most of your potential customers won’t know anything about the product or service you are advertising. Start by explaining what your service is and why they need it.

In addition to that topic, be careful of over-explaining. Taking the time to explain every little detail runs the risk of confusing and losing your audience. Outline the most important details first, then connect them so that readers can easily follow your ideas.

Another good practice is borrowing the writing styles of other authors. Analyze the stories and articles you’ve read and apply what you liked about them to your own writing. Learn to pay attention to what styles work and what styles don’t work. The best writing comes from people who understand what they read.

What types of content should I write?

The type of content you write will also affect the style you use. Long content, like detailed articles and guides, will naturally sound less casual than short blogs or social media posts. It is important to remember the goal of each piece of content as you are writing. This means giving answers and helpful information to your potential customers should be your main focus. Your content type and writing style should follow based on the message you are conveying.

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