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3 Ways Storytelling Helps Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Wednesday, August 19th, 2020

For centuries our ancestors have used storytelling as a means of entertainment, education, instilling moral values, and as a way to keep their cultures and traditions alive. Brands use storytelling as a tool to not only sell but to add value and create a deeper connection with their audience.

The average consumer sees over 5,000 advertisements in one day. Marketers and advertisers are constantly drumming up ways to cut through the noise. In the days of being disruptive, storytelling is all about finding unique modes for advertisers to integrate their messages in consumer’s daily lives seamlessly.

This article will highlight storytelling trends in marketing that can be helpful to your business.

Data-Driven Storytelling
Data may not be appealing to the average consumer, however, when used in a creative way, data-driven storytelling can be a fun way to humanize your brand. A great example of this is how Spotify used its user-generated data.

Spotify unveiled its user-data in their 2016 campaign “Thanks 2016, It’s Been Weird.” While saying goodbye to 2016, the brand displayed their data based on their subscriber’s favorite playlists, the number of times a specific song or playlist was played, and much more.

These ads were displayed on billboards, social media, and print.

Although the campaign originally launched in 2016, it has become one of Spotify’s advertising staples to this day. Overall, user-generated data was the heart of this campaign.

They used their data to tap directly into the voice of their users and established a human connection.

What we can learn from this form of data-driven storytelling is that sometimes, the best marketing ideas lie in what you already have.

Visual Storytelling
It’s no secret that video is the future of digital marketing. In fact, videos are the media that 62% of people actually thoroughly consume compared to other marketing tactics. Visual storytelling is a powerful way to drive the narrative, establish expertise, and help your audience recognize your brand.

The best way to stand out from the crowd is excellent storytelling and visuals that engage your audience. Although most individuals prefer video content, they are becoming more tired of typical adverts and their attention spans are shorter.

Advertisers and marketers are now challenged with creating video content that can be weaved into the content they already enjoy without seeming too disruptive. The key in visual storytelling is understanding your target audience, bringing your brand story to life, and doing it in a creative and engaging way.

Customer-centric Storytelling
As a society, we have never been more connected than we are today. And now we’re able to share our thoughts and (sometimes unsolicited opinions) online with millions of others. A larger number of people trust their peers over traditional adverts. By using this knowledge, your brand can amplify the stories and voices of your very own audience.

A great way to utilize customer-centric storytelling is through testimonials. Not only will it help increase engagement, but it will help build trust and expand your reach. Your audiences crave authenticity and this approach works best when they can actually relate.

The Take-Away
Brands will spend thousands on content creation, the trends are clear, however. The stories of the future will not only be more visual but will encourage communicators of all types to tell more authentic stories that actually connect with audiences.

Overall, communicators and marketers will focus on content that is ultimately interactive, authentic, impactful, and immersive.

Let Us Help You
There has never been a better time to share your business’s brand story than today. These storytelling tactics are super effective in creating more value and human connections to your brand.UCI Digital can help you utilize these methods in your digital marketing strategy. From video production to graphic design, we’ve got you! You can call us for more information at (806) 553-5332 or contact us via email.