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Why You Should Optimize Your Website For Mobile

Thursday, January 3rd, 2019
Mobile design UCI Digital

If you have a smartphone, you probably browse the internet every day. For most people, trying to navigate a website that doesn’t work on a small screen is frustrating, especially if they are looking for something specific. Your clients and potential customers should be able to find and use your website as easily as possible. This is where mobile website design and optimization are vital.


The best reasons to have a mobile-friendly website

There are many reasons why optimizing your website for mobile is important and beneficial for your business as well as your customers.

Benefits for your customers

Because so many people use mobile devices to conduct searches, they will expect you to have a well-functioning site. When your website works well, current and potential customers can get the information they need faster. Mobile optimization and responsive design allow searchers on almost any device to see the information you are providing. This will make their experience better and that means they will be happier.

Along with functionality, mobile websites often have different features than those that aren’t responsive. If your site is only made for desktop, that means that some features will break or malfunction when people load it on a phone or tablet. If your online shop is image heavy, try offering a simpler, more focused design in mobile. If you write long articles, include more visuals to keep your reader’s attention.

Your customers will appreciate being able to view your content and access website features easily. You may be able to throw in some fun elements like interactive graphics and more colors too. The idea is to offer them ways to engage with your website and with you more efficiently. But, your mobile website should not be too different from your main website. Keep your branding consistent.

Benefits for you

Search engines prefer to see that you optimize your website to work on smartphones and other mobile devices. Google even prioritizes your website in search results if it is built for mobile. This means that responsive websites will rank higher than those that are not when people search on their phones or tablets.

Not only will people be more likely to find your site, they will also see that you are credible and professional. It is now standard for website developers to optimize for mobile, so if you don’t have a responsive design, it could affect your reputation. Users prefer to see modern, fast-loading, and sleek websites when they are searching. Even if you have the most helpful content or offer popular products, they will still prefer to visit other sites if you don’t optimize for mobile.

A quick mobile website checklist

If you aren’t sure that your website is optimized for mobile, there are a few ways you can check.

  • First, make sure your website loads on a mobile device. This means that if you have to scroll to the side or zoom in to read text, it isn’t working correctly.
  • If your website does load properly (is responsive), make sure to note the speed at which it loads. If it takes more than a few seconds, your site is too slow.
  • Next, see if all of the elements and features are structured well. If things look awkward or disorganized, your website is probably not optimized for mobile.
  • If your images, videos, and other content or features are not coded for speed as well as functionality, your website will suffer. It will load slower or may not work at all, which will turn viewers away. You should also avoid using Flash or too many pop-ups.
  • Finally, make sure that anyone visiting your website can get to every page easily. Navigation menus at the bottom or top of the screen are a great option for this.

Tips for optimizing a website for mobile

Once you have looked at your site and checked for everything above, you may consider getting a newer website. This will give you a fresh, more functional way to reach your customers. If you use a website builder, it should provide updates and functions to help you create a more mobile friendly site. Be sure that speed and usability are your top priorities when working on every image, video, and piece of content. User experience should be the most important aspect of your website.

Hiring a website development company is a great option for those looking to enhance their website and attract more visitors. Professionals know how to optimize sites for every device. They can also help with search engine optimization, social media, videos, and advertisements.

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